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CPSC 449: Principles of Programming Languages - Assignment

In this course, we will have three assignments that essentially require that you implement the same method for scheduling tasks on machines in three different programming languages. In order to keep these assignments reasonable, you will do them in teams of (around) 5 students.

You find a description of the problem to solve and of the syntax for the input file, as well as a description of the required output on this page. A description of an algorithm for solving this problem is found here. The first assignment will use Java as implementation language. The second assignment will use Haskell, while in the third you have to use PROLOG.

Other Requirements

While the main focus of your assignments should be on correctly implementing the required functionality, it is expected that your systems are efficient enough to solve instances of the scheduling problem in a reasonable time.

Each team has to submit their source code and a text file describing how to install and run the system to the TA of their lab before the deadlines given below. If the description in the text file does not lead to a successful installation, this is considered the submitting team's fault. Late submissions without having obtained permission beforehand (i.e. before the deadline and with penalities for the late submission) will be graded as F.

Time table

The following table gives for each assignment the day the assignment is due. Your submission has to have reached your TA by noon on the given day.

Assignment Deadline
Java February 9
Haskell March 19
PROLOG April 13

to the timetable for the course.

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