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CPSC 567: Foundations of Multi-Agent Systems - Assessment

The University policy on grading and related matters is described in the university calendar.

The course will have a Registrar's scheduled final examination which is one of two components that are done by students individually. The other component is a report by each student on the agent team that his/her student team produced.

Naturally, this agent team has to be developed and implemented and this will be the team component of the course. The following table describes the percentages with which the grades for the components above will be weigthed to compute the final grade of a student.

Final Exam        40%
Individual system report        20%
Implemented multi-agent system        40%

Each of the items above will be graded individually and then I use the percentages to get the final grade. So, if, for example, a student got an A- in the Final, an A for the system report, and his/her team got a B for the system, then we have (3.7*4 + 4.0*2 + 3.0*4)/10 = 3.48, which will be rounded to 3.3 (i.e. B+).

Please note that in order to pass the course, you have to achieve a passing grade in the weighted combination of individual system report and final exam!

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Last Change: 19/12/2005