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CPSC 609: Foundations of Multi-Agent Systems - Materials

Sources on the Internet

At the moment there are only very few text books on multi-agent systems and none of them covers everything we will look into in this course. Therefore I want to provide you here with links to web sites and pages that are either of general interest to people interested in multi-agent systems or that contain additional information to topics, concepts, or methods I presented in the lectures.

Files to the course

I put together a list containing most of the papers that are mentioned in the lectures. Depending on discussions in the lectures, there might be a few additional papers that I will point out in subsequent lectures.

For the team assignment you will be using the ARES system. We also have produced an internal report on ARES that explains its components, usage and a little bit of our intentions behind it. Also, Nick Nygren, the TA for the undergraduate version of the class, has kindly agreed to be available for questions.

The slides containing the general information on a particular topic that I use in the lectures will be available before the respective lectures here as Acrobat pdf-files (in two formats: one slide per page and the 6 slides per page handout).

Date handout format one slide per page
Jan. 9 Introduction Introduction
Jan. 11 Single agents - Definitions Single agents - Definitions
Jan. 18 Modelling agents Modelling agents
Jan. 25 MAS: Definitions MAS: Definitions
Feb. 1 Organizations and Cooperation Organizations and Cooperation
Feb. 9 Cooperation concepts Cooperation concepts
Feb. 27 Establishing cooperation Establishing cooperation
Mar. 5 Competitive environments Competitive environments
Mar. 8 Competitive environments Competitive environments
Mar. 13 Competitive environments Competitive environments
Mar. 19 Coalitions Coalitions
Mar. 22 Learning in General Learning in General
Mar. 22 Learning in MAS Learning in MAS
Mar. 24 Reinforcement Learning Reinforcement Learning
Mar. 24 Evolutionary Learning Evolutionary Learning
Apr. 2 16-TestingMAS Testing MAS

to the assignments of the course.

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