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CPSC 609: Foundations of Multi-Agent Systems - Assessment

The University policy on grading and related matters is described in the university calendar.

Since this is a graduate course, we will put the emphasis of the course on individual research work. Each student will be assigned a cooperation concept and he/she will write a midterm paper describing and analyzing the concept. I will provide one paper about the concept as starting point and expect the students to research this concept using library and Internet. The midterm paper is due at February 15, 2019 (just before we will cover the concepts in class).

Additionally, each student will also be assigned a world rule setting for the ARES simulator (more precisely, mainly the setting of the world rule that determines how agents of one team are rewarded when they rescue survivors in the system with agents from other teams present) and as final paper has to describe how (s)he would implement agents acting in ARES that maximize the score the agents achieve with other teams present. The final paper is due at April 10, 2019.

Also at the end of the semester, there will be for each student an oral exam about assignment and course.

The following table describes the percentages with which the grades for the items described above will be weigthed to compute the final grade of a student.

Midterm paper        30%
Final paper        30%
Oral exam        40%

I will grade each of the items above individually and then use the percentages to get the final grade. If a student has an A in each of the three components, this students grade for the course will be an A+.

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