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CPSC 449: Principles of Programming Languages - General Information


Jörg Denzinger
Email: Phone: (403) 220-5574
Office: ICT 752 Office hours: M 11:00 - 13:00 or by appointment
Lectures: L01: TR 9:30 - 10:45 in ICT 114


May 3, 2004:     All "Later" course grades have now been removed on the Results page.
Apr 28, 2004:     I have marked the Final and for most of the teams we have the grades for all assignments. You can find all grades here. A "Later" as course grade indicates, that I am waiting for the Assignment 3 grade (due to Excel requirements, you see a 0, i.e. an F, as your current grade for this assignment; naturally this will change when your grade is in).
Mar 19, 2004:     Those interested in looking at their midterms (and checking the marking) can do so on Wednesday, March 24, from 11:15-12:45 in the AI lab (on the 7th floor of ICT).
Mar 18, 2004:     The results of the midterm can be found here.
Mar 10, 2004:     The midterm will be March 16, 9:45 - 10:35, in ENA 101. Note that I need 15 minutes to prepare the room, which is mainly needed to put on seat numbers and to put up lists assigning seat numbers to students. Please remember that you have to use a pen (pensils are not allowed!) to write your answers!
Mar 2, 2004:     This link contains a collection of question you should use to prepare yourselves for the Midterm
Mar 1, 2004:     For submitting your assignments, please use the following email addresses:
Al Fedoruk:
Kevin Viggers:
Feb 10, 2004:     It is early, but we already have defined the submission procedure for your assignments. Each team is supposed to send to the TA of its lab a gzipped tar-file containing
  • the documented source code files, including the necessary directory structure
  • no class-files!
  • a normal text file called README that contains
    • instructions on how to install and run your systems
    • clear instructions on how to select the search control
    • for each implemented search control a paragraph describing what the idea behind this control is.
Jan 28, 2004:     Since there were some misleading typos on the set of slides for the Pascal and Java Control Constructs, I corrected them and uploaded them anew. You find them via the materials or timetable pages.
Jan 16, 2004:     As discussed in lecture, the Midterm has been moved to March 16, to avoid the conflict with the theory midterm.
Jun 30, 2003:     Course web site started.

Description of the course

According to Calendar:
Examination of the principal features of major types of programming languages including procedural, logic, functional, and object-oriented. Features examined will typically include parameter passing mechanisms, control structures, typing mechanisms, data types, and binding rules.

Computer Science 333 or Software Engineering 311


The labs will be aimed at deepening your understanding of the concepts presented in the lectures and in answering questions that you did not immediately have while the material was presented in the lectures.

The labs will start in the second week of the semester (i.e. beginning January 19) and participation in the first lab is required since you will form the teams that will do the assignments in this lab! This especially means that all members of a team have to be in the same lab (we allow students to change labs before the teams are formed).

to an explanation of the assessment of the students taking the course.

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