Education and Learning
Some remarks on computer-based educational systems, 1968 Abstract, PDF
Tracking the creativity cycle with a microcomputer, 1982 Abstract, PDF
Mapping creativity with conceptual modeling tools, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Women, scholarship and information technology: a post-modern perspective, 1994 Abstract, PDF
Comparing constructions through the web, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Collaboration through concept maps, 1995 Abstract, PDF
The learning web: a system view and an agent-oriented model, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Foundations for the learning web, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Implementing the learning web, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Experience with the learning web, 1996 Abstract, PDF
A research-based masters program in the workplace, 1998 Abstract, PDF
Modeling Psychological and Social Systems
Discontinuities in tracking strategies, 1965 Abstract, PDF
Teaching machines for perceptual-motor skills, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Automated Feedback Trainers for Perceptual-Motor Skills: Final Report to MoD, 1967 Abstract, PDF
The control of human learning, 1968 Abstract, PDF
Training the human adaptive controller, 1968 Abstract, PDF
Adaptively controlled instruction for a tracking skill, 1969 Abstract, PDF
Linear and nonlinear models of the human controller, 1969 Abstract, PDF
[THESIS] The Human Adaptive Controller, 1971 Abstract PDF
The learning of perceptual-motor skills by men and machines and its relationship to training, 1972 Abstract, PDF
[THESIS] On Becoming a Personal Scientist: Interactive Computer Elicitation of Personal Models of the World, 1978 Abstract PDF
Interactive computer programs for eliciting personal models of the world, 1978 Abstract PDF
FOCUS on education--an interactive computer system for the development and analysis of repertory grids, 1978 Abstract PDF
Conversational heuristics for eliciting shared understanding, 1979 Abstract PDF
Personal learning through the computer, 1979 Abstract PDF
[BOOK] On Becoming a Personal Scientist: Interactive Computer Elicitation of Personal Models of the World, 1980 Abstract PDF
New directions in the analysis and interactive elicitation of personal construct systems, 1980 Abstract PDF
Personal construct psychology in education and learning, 1981 Abstract PDF
[BOOK] Recent Advances in Personal Construct Technology, 1981 Abstract PDF
[BOOK] Think Again, 1981 Abstract PDF
Eliciting entailment, 1982 Abstract PDF
PLANET: some experience in creating an integrated system for repertory grid applications on a microcomputer, 1982 Abstract PDF
Tracking the creativity cycle with a microcomputer, 1982 Abstract PDF
[PROC] Proceedings of the North American Personal Construct Network Second Biennial Conference, 1986 Abstract, PDF
Steps towards knowledge science, 1986 Abstract PDF
KITTEN: Knowledge initiation and transfer tools for experts and novices, 1987 Abstract PDF
An interactive knowledge-based system for group problem solving, 1988 Abstract PDF
A conceptual framework for person-computer interaction in distributed systems, 1988 Abstract, PDF
Positive feedback processes underlying the formation of expertise, 1988 Abstract, PDF
Social and cognitive processes in knowledge acquisition, 1989 Abstract, PDF
Comparing conceptual structures: consensus, conflict, correspondence and contrast, 1989 Abstract, PDF
Modeling practical reasoning, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Between neuron, culture and logic: explicating the cognitive nexus, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Kelly's "geometry of psychological space" and its significance for cognitive modeling, 1992 Abstract, PDF
The collective stance in modeling expertise in individuals and organizations, 1994 Abstract, PDF
The emergence of knowledge through modeling and management processes in societies of adaptive agents, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Personal construct psychology and the cognitive revolution, 2003 Abstract, PDF
Expertise and expert systems: emulating psychological processes, 2005 Abstract, PDF
Human rationality challenges universal logic, 2010 Abstract, PDF
Computer aided constructivism, 2012 Abstract, PDF
Humans as scientists: scientists as humans, 2013 Abstract, PDF
Medical applications of programmable audio-visual displays, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Videotex: the electronic challenge, 1982 Abstract, PDF
An agenda for digital journals: the socio-technical infrastructure of knowledge dissemination, 1993 Abstract, PDF
Supporting collaboration through multimedia digital archives, 1994 Abstract, PDF
Concept maps as hypermedia components, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Porting interactive applications to the web, 1995 Abstract, PDF
WebMap: concept mapping on the web, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge acquisition processes in Internet communities, 1996 Abstract, PDF
A software architecture for porting interactive applications to the web, 1998 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge Representation and Acquisition
A computer aid to knowledge engineering, 1983 Abstract, PDF
Interactive knowledge elicitation, 1984 Abstract, PDF
[PROC] Proceedings of the Knowledge Acquisition For Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop, 1986 Abstract, PDF
Integrated knowledge base building environments, 1990 Abstract, PDF
Designing expert systems for usability, 1991 Abstract, PDF
An interactive visual language for term subsumption languages, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Integrating rules in term subsumption knowledge representation servers, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Documents as expert systems, 1992 Abstract, PDF
On the relationship between repertory grid and term subsumption knowledge structures: theory, practice and tools, 1992 Abstract, PDF
Integrated knowledge acquisition architectures, 1992 Abstract, PDF
Open architecture multimedia documents, 1993 Abstract, PDF
KWrite open architecture multimedia document system demonstration, 1993 Abstract, HTML/MOV
Eliciting knowledge and transferring it effectively to a knowledge-based system, 1993 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge acquisition tools based on personal construct psychology, 1993 Abstract, PDF
A situated classification solution of a resource allocation task represented in a visual language, 1994 Abstract, PDF
Class library implementation of an open architecture knowledge support system, 1995 Abstract, PDF
WebGrid: knowledge modeling and inference through the World Wide Web, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge acquisition, modeling and inference through the World Wide Web, 1997 Abstract, PDF
WebGrid II: developing hierarchical knowledge structures from flat grids, 1998 Abstract, PDF
Developing for web integration in Sisyphus-IV: WebGrid-II experience, 1998 Abstract, PDF
Embedding formal knowledge models in active documents, 1999 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge science and technology: Operationalizing the enlightenment, 2000 Abstract, PDF
Understanding ontologies in scholarly disciplines, 2004 Abstract, PDF
WebGrid evolution through four generations 1994-2007, 2007 Abstract, PDF
Designing visual languages for description logics, 2008 Abstract, PDF
Visualizing logical aspects of conceptual structures, 2010 Abstract, PDF
Universal logic as a science of patterns, 2015 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge Management
The formation of a Knowledge Science Institute in Canada -- The 1985 proposal, 1985 Abstract, PDF
Extending electronic mail with conceptual modeling to provide group decision support, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Supporting personal networking through computer networking, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Manufacturing in the knowledge economy, 1992 Abstract, PDF
Using knowledge acquisition and representation tools to support scientific communities, 1994 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge systematization in the International IMS research program, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Mediator: an intelligent information system supporting the virtual manufacturing enterprise, 1995 Abstract, PDF
A networked, open architecture knowledge management system, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge management for distributed enterprises, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Requirements acquisition, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge management in societies of intelligent adaptive agent, 1997 Abstract, PDF
Software Engineering Research Network, 1997 Abstract, PDF
Supporting modeling of the social practices of other users in Internet communities, 1999 Abstract, PDF
Modeling and supporting communities on the Internet and World Wide Web, 1999 Abstract, PDF
Organizational knowledge acquisition, 2003 Abstract, PDF
Sociocognitive inquiry, 2012 Abstract, PDF
Machine Learning
A learning machine in the context of the general control problem, 1966 Abstract, PDF
An introductory description of the STeLLA learning machine, 1966 Abstract, PDF
Adaptive pattern classifiers in control systems, 1968 Abstract, PDF
Approximate identification of automata, 1975 Abstract, PDF
On the complexity of causal models, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Stability and admissibility of adaptive threshold logic convergence, 1977 Abstract, PDF
System identification, approximation and complexity, 1977 Abstract, PDF
General system identification, 1978 Abstract, PDF
Sequential fuzzy system identification, 1979 Abstract, PDF
An ounce of knowledge is worth a ton of data: quantitative studies of the trade-off between expertise and data based on statistically well-founded empirical induction, 1989 Abstract, PDF
Induction of ripple-down rules applied to modeling large databases, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Structured and unstructured induction with EDAGs, 1995 Abstract, PDF
Transforming rules and trees into comprehensible knowledge structures, 1996 Abstract, PDF
Modeling and Forecasting Information Technology
Perspectives on fifth generation computing, 1984 Abstract, PDF
Sixth generation computing: a conspectus of the Japanese proposals, 1986 Abstract, PDF
A learning model for forecasting the future of information technology, 1986 Abstract, PDF
Engineering knowledge: artificial intelligence, robotics and future society, 1987 Abstract, PDF
Adapting to a highly automated world, 1987 Abstract, PDF
Modeling and forecasting the information sciences, 1991 Abstract, PDF
Modeling the human factors of scholarly communities supported through the Internet and World Wide Web, 1997 Abstract, PDF
The learning curves underlying convergence, 1998 Abstract, PDF
HCI in the next millennium: supporting the world mind, 1999 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge capture through the millennia: from cuneiform to the semantic web, 2011 Abstract, PDF
Knowledge acquisition: past, present and future, 2012 Abstract, PDF
Hyperconnected civilizations: Some historic perspectives, 2014 Abstract, PDF
Computer Systems
A Stochastic Computer, 1965 Abstract, PDF
Stochastic Computing Arrangement, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Stochastic computing, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Stochastic computer thrives on noise, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Techniques of identification with the stochastic computer, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Phase computers, 1967 Abstract, PDF
Varieties of computer--their applications and inter-relationships, 1968 Abstract, PDF
Foundations of stochastic computing systems, 1968 Abstract, PDF
System organization, 1969 Abstract, PDF
MINIC I Manual, 1969 Abstract, PDF
Stochastic computing systems, 1969 Abstract, PDF
Stochastic computers, 1969 Abstract, PDF
QUASIC Manual, 1971 Abstract, PDF
Real-time system design under an emulator embedded in a high-level language, 1973 Abstract, PDF
Computer technology and its utilization: today and tomorrow, 1973 Abstract, PDF
MINSYS Manual, 1974 Abstract, PDF
An interactive display-based system for gilt-edged security broking, 1974 Abstract, PDF
Design objectives for a descriptor-organized minicomputer, 1974 Abstract, PDF
Integration of protection and procedures in a high-level minicomputer, 1974 Abstract, PDF
A high-level minicomputer, 1974 Abstract, PDF
Some experience in interactive system development and application, 1975 Abstract, PDF
The logic of protection, 1975 Abstract, PDF
Analogy categories, virtual machines, and structured programming, 1975 Abstract, PDF
Human factors in virtual machine hierarchies, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Protection as a general systems problem, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Minicomputers in security dealing, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Some notes on the provision of data acquisition, processing and retrieval in the small EDP environment, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Interpretive kernels for microcomputer software, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Trends in stochastic computing, 1976 Abstract, PDF
BASYS—a language for processing interaction, 1977 Abstract, PDF
AIMS-11 Manual, 1977 Abstract, PDF
A mixed-code approach to commercial microcomputer applications, 1978 Abstract, PDF
Monotype cracks the Chinese puzzle, 1979 Abstract, PDF
The role of the behavioural sciences in programming, 1979 Abstract, PDF
The bounds of possibility, 1981 Abstract, PDF
Unravelling the Chinese typesetting puzzle, 1981 Abstract, PDF
Some Experience in Text Processing in the Chinese Language, 1982 Abstract, PDF
Digital know-how, 1982 Abstract, PDF
Office automation in the languages of the world, 1983 Abstract, PDF
System Theory
Adaptive control theory: the structural and behavioural properties of adaptive controllers, 1969 Abstract, PDF
Memory minimisation in control with stochastic automata, 1971 Abstract, PDF
The role of randomness in cybernetic systems, 1974 Abstract, PDF
A calculus of possibility, eventuality and probability, 1975 Abstract, PDF
Stochastic and fuzzy logics, 1975 Abstract, PDF
Control engineering and artificial intelligence, 1975 Abstract, PDF
Multivalued logics and fuzzy reasoning, 1975 Abstract, PDF
The logic of automata, 1975 Abstract, PDF
Possible automata, 1975 Abstract, PDF
General fuzzy logics, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Discrete Systems & Fuzzy Reasoning (Workshop Proceedings), 1976 Abstract, PDF
Why fuzzy reasoning?, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Research notes on fuzzy reasoning, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Foundations of fuzzy reasoning, 1976 Abstract, PDF
Fuzzy reasoning and the logics of uncertainty, 1976 Abstract, PDF
The fuzzy decade: a bibliography of fuzzy systems and closely related topics, 1977 Abstract, PDF
Decision: theory and practice, 1978 Abstract, PDF
Fuzzy and probability uncertainty logics, 1978 Abstract, PDF
Progress in general systems research, 1978 Abstract, PDF
Decision: foundation and pactice II, 1979 Abstract, PDF
General systems research: quo vadis?, 1979 Abstract, PDF
Analysing analogy, 1982 Abstract, PDF
Is there a knowledge environment?, 1983 Abstract, PDF
Precise past--fuzzy future, 1983 Abstract, PDF
Methodology in the large: modeling all there is, 1984 Abstract, PDF
Hierarchies of distinctions as generators of system theories, 1984 Abstract, PDF
Three world views and system philosophies, 1985 Abstract, PDF
From fuzzy logic to expert systems, 1985 Abstract, PDF
Aether as a referring term, 2006 Abstract, PDF
Living in an uncertain universe, 2012 Abstract, PDF
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