Our long-term plan is for Rep Plus to be beome an open-source application supported by members of its user community. In the shorter term we are making available functional modules of Rep Plus that may be of value to other software developers who use the Xojo compiler and framework.

Formatted Text Control

We have recently purchased the full rights in the document processor, Formatted Text Control, from the company that used to sell it as source code that could be embedded in applications distributed in compiled form. It provides the functionality of a word processor that supports styled text, embedded images, style definitions, layout, pagination, printing and export to RTF.

It was the only proprietary code in Rep Plus and we could not move to open source unless we owned the product itself. Since there are many other users, we are making this code freely available and facilitating the formation of a user community to maintain and enhance it.

We shall shortly be making the source available through this web page, including the original commercial release, our enhancements to it, and demos such as our RepDoc editor which includes a full styling and styles definition editor.