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(See below for figures) Summary

Purpose of the system


System overview and rationale

Using the system to view and edit an existing database The Document Menu: opening and saving databases

The Tube Model Synthesiser GUI

How to add a new rule to the database and manage prototypes using MONET facilities

How to add a new posture to the database using MONET facilities

Help facilities available



Appendix A: Posture data for tube model synthesiser -- timings and spectral features

Appendix B: Vowel-to-vowel transition and other miscellaneous rewrite rules

Appendix C: Some internal notes from target/rule construction September 19th 1994 onwards

Appendix D: GNU Free Documentation License



Using the Data Entry panel to add a new posture symbol

The Phone Inspector (Parameter Targets) shows the default parameter values assigned to the new posture and allows them to be changed

The Phone Inspector (Categories) shows the new posture has been assigned only to its own category by default; it may be inserted into other categories

The Phone Inspector (Symbols) shows the default values assigned to the nominal time framework symbols

The Phone Inspector (Comment) allows an explanatory note to be added to the new posture's record

The default value of parameters "r1" through "r4" are 0.8, 1.5, 1.5 and 1.5 cm respectively

New values are entered for parameters by highlighting (clicking) the relevant parameter, entering the new value in the text field, and hitting "Enter". This also highlights the next parameter in sequence to facilitate updating successive parameters. The "Set" button does not currently work. Default values are displayed in bold text. Other values are displayed in normal text.

The new posture is assigned to several categories by double clicking each category name. Categories may be deleted by double-clicking the category name again. Assigned categories are displayed in bold text, and re-ordered to the top of the list

The default values for the nominal time frame can be changed in the same way as the default parameter values -- enter the new value in the text field and hit "Enter". Default values are displayed in bold text. Other values are displayed in normal text.

Rule builder: existing rule 1 highlighted

Adding new rule: shows error message

Rule Inspector-- Equations: showing default rule duration automatically assigned

Rule Inspector--Parameter Prototypes showing default Parameter Prorotype assigned for Glottal Volume control

Rule Inspector--Comment on the new rule

Rule Inspector--General Information, showing rule was put next to last, and a new position has been entered

Rule Inspector --General Information, showing the new rule has been repositioned

Rule Inspector--Parameter Prototype: double clicking the Glottal Volume parameter brings up the Transition Builder

The Prototype Manager is brought up and a new category, Tetraphone, is defined

Prototype Manager: a new prototype, GlotVolForEh, is defined

Transition Builder: a point is added by double clicking, its value is set to zero, and its timing is chosen to be "Mark1MinusOne", in the Equation category "BasicDurations"

Prototype Manager: existing equation "tetraNineTenth" selected from "Tetraphone Standard" category. Inspector shows equation and allows it to be altered

Prototype Manager: a new category "GnuStandard" has been entered, a new Equation symbol "GnuOne" has been defined/created, and the equation governing the timing this represents has been entered in the Inspector

Rule Inspector with comment on rule 6

Data Entry: Categories

Data Entry: Parameters

Data Entry: Symbols

Control Panel

Data Entry Panel

Document Menu

Equations Inspector Comments selection

Equations Inspector Usage selection

Equations Prototype Inspector "Usage"

Equation Rule Inspector (rule selected)

Intonation Contour unsmoothed


Intonation Contour smoothed


Main Menu

The artist

The artist's palette

Panel Menu

Phone Inspector with pull-down list

Phone Inspector

(obsolete version data entry)

Data Entry with pull down

Point Inspector for point on Int. Cont.

(obsolete--same as pigen)

Phone Inspector showing param. targets

Prototype Equation Inspector

Prototype Manager for equations

Prototype Manager for param. variation

Both Equations & Transitions Prot Man

Prototype Manager for equations (later)

Prototype Equation Inspector showing rule 11 Rule Duration equation for editing

Equation Prototype Manager showing equation category & symbol for rule 11 Rule Duration

Prototype Equation Inspector with usage of the selected equation in other rules

Equation Rule Inspector (no rule sel)

Rule Inspector for param prototypes

As above, rule selected

Rule Builder (rule 11 showing)

Rule Builder (rule 6 showing)

Thumbnail of above

Rule Parser

Rule Inspector with pull down



Overview Screen at start up (Fig 1)

Thumbnail of above



Server Test window

Synthesis of "Test Utterances!" with inspector showing the break up into segments by successive rules -- in context

Synthesis of "Test Utterances!" with inspector showing the break up into segments by successive rules -- inspector only

Synthesiser: Noise Source control

Synthesiser: Analysis window

Synthesiser: Screen shot

Synthesiser: Glottal Source control

Synthesiser: Throat transmission

Synthesis Window ("Gnu Speech")

Transition Builder

Inspector showing comments on selected transition prototype

Inspector showing general information on selected transition prototype

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