Evolvica: Evolutionary Algorithms with Mathematica

Christian Jacob, Dept. of Computer Science,
The University of Calgary, CANADA

The following links point to either notebooks (*.nb) or archives that contain collections of notebooks for the indicated sections of the tutorial. Each archive is available in three different versions: The following section gives you access to all of the notebook collections available right now. The current list will be extended step by step within the next weeks.

Before you download ...

In order to keep you informed about further updates and extensions of the notebooks collected here, please send me a short email whenever you download any of the files from this page.

I intend to establish an Evolvica mailing list as well, so please join the Evolvica group.

Please feel free to send any comment about these web pages to Christian Jacob.

Archives for Downloading Tutorial Sections

Table of Contents

Fascinating Evolution

Cumulative Selection




In order to have the tutorial notebooks formatted in a proper way you should also download the following style sheets:

Style Sheets

Please note that you will need MathReader or Mathematica to view all these notebook documents listed here.

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