Cryptography (AARMS Summer School 2009)

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Assignments:   1  -  2  -  3
Solutions: 1  -  2  -  3

Lectures Room C-104, Carleton Hall
Instructor: Mike Jacobson
Office: Tilley Hall, Room 414
Office hours: TBA
Textbook There is no required textbook, but you might find the Handbook of Applied Cryptography by Menezes, van Oorschot, and Vanstone useful.
Grading Two components are included in the determination of the course grade.
     Assignments (total of 3, equally weighted) 60%
     Research Project 40%

A percentage grade (ratio of number of marks awarded to the number of marks available) will be computed for each component. An overall percentage grade for the course will then be computed, using the percentage grades awarded for each component, as a weighted average using the weightings listed above. Finally, the overall percentage grade will be converted to a letter grade using the following conversion. (This is the only letter grade that will be used, in this course.)

From: To:   = Letter From: To:   = Letter
95% 100% A+ 65% 69% C+
90% 94% A 60% 64% C
85% 89% A− 55% 59% C−
80% 84% B+ 50% 54% D+
75% 79% B 45% 49% D
70% 74% B− 0% 44% F
Group Work Group submissions are not permitted for the assignments. Some collaboration and brain-storming on problems is defintiely encouraged, but be sure to write out all the answers yourself in your own words. If you do collaborate with others, declare on your submitted assignment the questions for which you collaborated and the names of all people with whom you collaborated. You are also encouraged to consult references outside the lecture notes (text books, Wikipedia, research papers) but again, if you do so, declare these explicitly on your assignment submission.

Group work is allowed on all components of the research project. Groups of up to four students are allowed. See the project description on the "handouts" page for more information.

Exam There will be no midterm nor final exam.


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