CPSC/PMAT 418   Introduction to Cryptography, Fall 2013

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General Information
Lectures L01 MWF 15:00-15:50 in ST 129
Instructor: Mike Jacobson
Office: ICT 612
E-mail: jacobs@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Phone: 210-9410
Office hours: MW 14:00 - 15:00
Tutorial for CPSC 418 T01 W 16:00-17:50 in MS 211. Attendance for PMAT 418 students is optional.
Teaching Assistants Sebastian Lindner (Computer Science), salindne@ucalgary.ca. Sebastian will conduct the tutorial. Link to Sebastian's tutorial website
Diane Fenton (Mathematics), fentond@ucalgary.ca. Diane will hold office hours Wednesdays 10:00 - 11:00 in MS 368.
Recommended Textbooks D. Stinson, Cryptography and Practice, third edition, Chapman & Hall/CRC 2005.
J. Katz & Y. Lindell, Introduction to Modern Cryptography, Chapman & Hall 2007; List of errata, Revision to Section 4.6.3.
C. Paar & J. Pelzl, Understanding Cryptography, Springer 2010; List of errata.
Grading Three components – assignments, midterm test and final exam – are included in the determination of the course grade.
       4 Assignments     40%
       Midterm Test     20%
       Final Exam     40%
Percentage to letter grade conversion:
  A+       A       A-      B+        B       B-        C+       C        C-      D+         D      F   
>9490-9486-90 82-8678-8274-78 70-7466-7062-66 58-6250-58<50
Exams The midterm test will take place Wednesday November 6 during class time 3:00-3:50 pm in room ENA 103.
The final exam take place Wednesday, December 11, 3:30 - 5:30 pm in room ENA 101. It will cover all the course material, with more emphasis on the material not tested on the midterm exam.
Please note that for both the midterm test and the final exam, no aids (books, notes, calculators etc) will be permitted.


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