Course Information for CPSC/PMAT 629, Winter 2014

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 Tentative Course Schedule

Week Topic Course Work
Jan. 8 Introduction to Finite Fields (overview, structure, construction, and automorphisms)  
Jan. 13 Introduction to Elliptic Curves (definitions, group structure, affine and projective coordinates) Jan. 17 Assignment 1 set
Jan. 20 Alternative Models (characteristic 2 and 3, Legendre model, quartic equation  
Jan. 27 Isomorphisms and Isogenies (elliptic function fields, isogenies)  
Feb. 3 Endomorsphism Rings Feb. 7 Assignment 1 due (hard copy in class); Assignment 2 set
Feb. 10 Torsion Points and the Weil Pairing  
Feb. 17 Reading week  
Feb. 24 Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields (group order, anomalous curves, supersingular curves) Feb 28 Proposal due (hard copy in class)
March 3 Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECDSA, ECIES, ECMQV, need for public key verification) March 9 Assignment 2 due (hard copy in class); Assignment 3 set
March 10 Security of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (generic algorithms for the ECDLP, weak curves)  
March 17 Efficient Implementation (finite field arithmetic, point addition and doubling, point multiplication)  
March 24 Additional Topics (Koblitz curves, pairing-based cryptography)  
March 31 Divisors and the Weil Pairing April 4 Assignment 3 due (hard copy in class)
April 7 Student presentations April 11 Research project due (hard copy in class)

 Project Presentations

Date Time Location Presenter Title
April 7 15:00-15:45 MS 205 Bian AGM Method
April 9 15:00-15:45 MS 205 Mike Riemann-Roch
April 11 15:00-15:45 MS 205 Jamie ECDLP
April 14 15:00-15:45 MS 205 Nick Schoof's Algorithm
April 14 16:00-16:45 MS 205 Sam Sphere Packing

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