CPSC 669, Cryptography (Winter 2003)

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 Project Presentations

Date Time Presenter Title
7/04 10:00-10:40 Andreas Hirt Survey and Analysis of Anonymous Communication Schemes
9/04 10:00-10:40 Ricardo Hoar A Survey of Attacks on Rijndael
11/04 10:00-10:40 Malik Agyemang Crytographically Secure Generation of Random Numbers
14/04 9:00-9:40 Grigori Melnik Secure Storage and Retrival Information Protocols
14/04 10:00-10:40 Joanne Penner Aspects of Secure Key Exchange
16/04 10:00-10:40 Roger Curry How to Solve the Discrete Logarithm Problem
16/04 11:00-11:40 Sander Ketelaar A Survey on the IDEA Block Cipher
21/04 11:00-11:40 Ryan Shirley Linear and Differential Cryptanalysis with Applications to DES and AES

 Tentative Course Schedule

Week Topic
13/01 Introduction; substitution ciphers, redundancy and entropy, perfect security, one-time pad, unicity distance.
20/01 Block ciphers, product ciphers, DES, 3-DES.
27/01 Groups and finite fields, AES.
03/02 Number theory, extended Euclidean algorithm, power algorithm, one-way functions, Diffie-Hellman key exchange.
10/02 One-way trapdoor functions, public-key cryptography, public-key authentication, RSA.
17/02 Rabin-Williams, more number theory, Miller-Rabin..
24/02 Digital signatures, DSA, El Gamal, generic El Gamal, elliptic curves, EC-DSA.
03/03 Probabilistic PKC, semantic security, quadratic residuosity problem, Goldwasser-Micali, Blum-Goldwasser.
10/03 Key management, public-key infrastructure, certification authorities, cryptographic hash functions.
17/03 web security (SSL), wireless security (WEP), email security (PGP).
24/03 Student presentations.
31/03 Student presentations.
07/04 Student presentations.

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