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Fall 2001

Cabrit Murex Seashell by Callum Galbraith

Professor BrianWyvill (home page)
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Final Grades Are Done - World Marking Record Achieved (02:11am Friday)

Thanks to Kay and Shawna for their help!

The mesh file format is online.
The program to test out and view the mesh files is online.

I have added the last B-Spline powerpoint lecture to the notes

Note error in the handout on B-Splines - see correction

Link to Kay's page     see other  links below
UPDATED :  28/Oct/2001

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  • Course Outline


    Click on the subject areas to display course note files in Portable Document Format (pdf) which can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat viewer.  This software can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/acrobat
    Course Schedule
    Week One Sep 10, 12, 14 Introduction, QT and OpenGL,
    Week Two Sep 17, 19, 21 2D transformations, DAGs and other hierarchies
    Week Three Sep 24, 26, 28 Hardware and Raster Fundamentals,  Scan Conversion algorithms
    Week Four Oct  1, 3, 5 clipping, 3D transforms,perspective transforms.
    Week Five Oct  8, 10, 12 Assignment One Due 14th October
    modelling, Parametric curves, Bezier-splines,
    Week Six Oct  15, 17, 19 B-spline algorithms, patches.
    Generalized Cylinders
    Week Seven Oct  22, 24, 26  implicit modeling,  L-Systems, CSG and other modelling techniques
    Week Eight  Oct 29, 31 Nov 2 Rendering, Images:  grey levels, gamma correction, colour introduction.
    Week Nine Nov 5, 7, 9 Assignment Two Due 9 November
    Mid-Term Exam
    Introduction to ray tracing
    Week Ten  Nov  14, 16  Z-buffer, A-buffer, & intro. to anti-aliasing. Lighting
     Reading Days Nov 10 - 13
    Week Eleven Nov 19, 21, 23 Faceted shading, Gouraud Shading, Phong shading.
    Week Twelve Nov 26, 28,  30 Making Ray Tracing more efficient. 
    Texture mapping and anti-aliasing.
    Week Thirteen Dec 3, 5, 7 Assignment Three Due 7 December
    Animation & Special topics HCI
    Last Day of Classes Friday December 7  2001


    Course Assessment

    Assignments 40%
    Labs. 10%
    Midterm Exam 15%
    Final Exam 35%


    There will be three assignments worth 40% of the course marks.   The assignments are programming tasks and should be submitted electronically by the date indicated.

    Assignment One
    Due Date: 14 Oct 2001

    2001 Assignment


    Assignment Two
    Due Date: 16 Nov 2001
    Please don't put too many enhancements in this assignment   Use your time to work on assignment three which is much more difficult!

    2001 Assignment

    Assignment Three
    Due Date: 7 Dec 2001
    2001 Assignment
    2001 Assignment 3 Marking Scheme

    Data for triangle meshes
    Program to View the triangle meshes

      Examples from previous years:

    Mid-term and answers.

    The 1998 mid-term  was a take-home exam.

    Take a look at the old exams 96, and final 97.
    Also look at the  solution to the ray tracing problem from last years final

    A collection of old exam questions is available in pdf format.

    Other useful information and some links.

    Link to Kay's page

    Link to Ryan Schmidt's page  this might be very useful when you write your ray tracer.

    Birthing a Ray Tracer

    Source Code Links to pixmap (ppm) format software and linearalgebra code, ray tracing code etc.

    C++ tutorial

    If you want to refresh your C++ programming, you may want to check this virtual tutorial up.


    Click here to learn more about the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT).


    Click here to learn more about QT


    Click here to learn more about Jungle software


    Click here look under packages jgl.tar.gz for the soruce of vector and matrix package.

    See the 2000 Ray Tracing Contest Images

    implicit tutorial .

    Winners of the 2000 Ray Tracing Contest--------------422E71593FDC6F806C271DD1--