Welcome to Design Methodology 601.75 !

Winter 2002

Course organised by Brian Wyvill and Sheelagh Carpendale

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  • Course Outline

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    Course Schedule
    Week One   Jan 16/18 Sheelagh Carpendale
    Week Two  Jan 23/25 Project Discussion
    Brian Wyvill (Qt)
    Week Three  Jan 30/ Feb 1 Callum Galbraith (threads)
    Kaye Mason   (Maya)
    Week Four  Feb 6/8 Sara Diamond  (art and design)
    Richard Lobb  (software design)
    Week Five  Feb 13/15 Gerry Hushlak - Venice Biannually (two lectures)
    Week Six   Feb 18 R e a d i n g  W e e k
    Week Seven  Feb 27/Mar 1 Christian Jacob (Design by Evolution)  Two Lectures
    Week Eight  Mar 6/8 Saul Greenberg (prototyping) 
    Arlene Stamp  (art)

    Project One Proposals due

    Week Nine  Mar 13/15 No Lecture
    Przemek Prusinkiewicz
    Week Ten  Mar 20/22 Richard Levy
    No Lecture   P r o j e c t  O n e  D u e
    Week Eleven   Thursday 28 March evening  6 - 9 Kees van Overveld
    Week Twelve 

    Tuesday 2 April evening  6 - 9
    Wednesday 3 April  9:30 - 11
    Friday 5 April full day   9 - 12  1 - 4

    Kees van Overveld
    Sunday April 14  P r o j e c t   T w o   D u e

    Course Assessment

    Project One 22 March 50%
    Project Two 14 April 50%

    Student Projects
    Name Link to Project Project  Presentation Date Presentation Date