Grassi Lakes Climbing

Erwin, Julia, Peter, and myself spent a cool spring afternoon (April 26, 2004) at the Grassi Lakes rock garden above Canmore, meeting up with other friends and enjoying some off-time on the rocks. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

DSC02164.JPG DSC02166.JPG DSC02169.JPG DSC02170.JPG
Peter starts off on his first climb.
Living the vertical life.
Cool, windy weather doesn't thwart climbers at the Grassi rock garden.
Grand vista
DSC02172.JPG DSC02174.JPG DSC02176.JPG DSC02178.JPG
Peter reaches the anchor.
Erwin leads a route.
Erwin nearing the top.
Martin gets back in the game.
DSC02180.JPG DSC02182.JPG DSC02184.JPG DSC02188.JPG
Martin nearing the top.
Swiss cheese!
Christina taking off for her second climb.
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Hanging in there!
Grassi Lakes.
Julia and Christina, hanging around and chatting.
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Julia (above) and Christina (below).
Erwin belaying Julia.
It still beats marking exams, doesn't it?
Erwin on the last climb of the day.
DSC02204.JPG DSC02206.JPG DSC02208.JPG DSC02210.JPG
Can you still feel your fingers?
Simon (left) and Erwin (right).
Jam session at Blob's.

Peter descending after his first-ever climb. Great job!