Converting Between Image File Formats

The most comprehensive and flexible single program available is imconv. It is located in: ~jungle/iris/bin/imconv for the SGI platform and ~jungle/sun4/bin/imconv for the Sun4 platform. It recognises file type through file name extensions. Therefore, imconv infile.rgb outfile.tif will convert an an SGI RGB file to a TIFF file. For more info, run: imconv -fullhelp.

SGI also supplies a number of programs for converting to and from its RGB file format. They are located in: /usr/sbin and are of the form: to<format> and from<format>.

The netpbm package has been installed in the share account for both Suns and IRISes. The various programs that convert to and from the different pbm file formats (pbm, pgm, pnm, ppm) can be found in ~share/packages/netpbm/sun4 and ~share/packages/netpbm/irix5.

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