Burning CD's

Currently (Wed Jul 7 11:00:54 MDT 1999) our CD burning capabilities are working. The CD burner is hooked up to a Windows machine. (Oh well can't have everything!) But fear not. We have the capacity to burn a CD with a standard unix filesystem in ISO9660. Here is the process:

  1. Ensure that you have the following text in your .cshrc file (or whereever you prefer to keep this sort of thing):
    setenv PATH ${PATH}:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/freeware/bin
    setenv PATH ${PATH}:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/local/bin
    setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/freeware/catman:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/freeware/man
    setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/local/catman:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/local/man
    setenv XUSERFILESEARCHPATH ${XUSERFILESEARCHPATH}:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/freeware/lib/X11/%T/%N
    setenv XUSERFILESEARCHPATH ${XUSERFILESEARCHPATH}:/home/grads/share/IRIX6.2/fakeroot/usr/local/lib/X11/%T/%N
  2. Set up all of the data that you want to burn in a directory. The contents of this directory will be placed in the root directory of the file system on the newly burned disk.
  3. Run mkisofs. This program makes an ISO file system, surprise. Here is the command line you should use:
    mkisofs -v -a -J -r -o name.iso source
    Where name is some root name for the image and source is the directory containing the data.
  4. Ftp the image to the PC with the burner drive, (it is the one with two cd drives, the HP one is the burner).
  5. Run the HP CD Writer software. This will cause a splash screen to come up and force you to make a choice, you should choose, "Create a CD for distribution across different types of computers."
  6. Cancel the wizard dialog that will come up.
  7. Select from the menu: File|Create a CD from a disk image ..., choose the iso file you ftp'd, and set the options that you would like.