PhD - Computer Science
University of Calgary, 2019
MSc - Computer Science
University of Calgary, 2011
BSc (First Class Honours) - Computer Science
Minor - Pure Mathematics
University of Calgary, 2009

What the tech? (podcast)


2022 2022 University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grant (Designing Self-Disclosing Chatbots to Foster Common Humanity in Introductory Computer Science Classes) [Dr. Helen Ai He, PhD, Dr. Jonathan Hudson, PhD, Dr. Lora Oehlberg, PhD, Nathaly Verwaal, and Dr. Leanne Wu, PhD] link
2022 SU Teaching Excellence Award (Faculty of Science) link

Teaching Interests

Scaffolding of skills, active learning, and the integration of formative feedback during problem solving.

Research Interests

Improving machine learning and artificial intelligence through evolutionary exploratory testing allowing for active risk assessment and management.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Exploratory Testing, Risk Assessment and Management