Michael E. Locasto

Michael E. Locasto is a Senior Computer Scientist at SRI's Computer Science Lab working in the Infrastructure Security Group. He previously held an appointment as an Associate Professor with tenure in the Computer Science Department at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. This is my former UofC web page. Please see my SRI homepage for updated information.

I study the security of computer systems. I try to understand why it seems difficult to build secure systems and how we can get better at it.

I also have an interest in innovative approaches to information security education. I like taking systems apart and understanding how they really work to discover and fix vulnerabilities in software. I mainly work on cooperative security: the challenge of getting security systems to work together (particularly in complex network environments) to respond to attacks and interactive security analysis: the challenge of supporting cooperative analysis of large, opaque artifacts.


While at the UofC, I taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, both large and small.

For OS students: a playful "Ode to Real Mode Setup Code"

This is a picture of my preferred method of teaching (and learning!)


My CV (html).

My UofC research group: Trustworthy Systems Group


Internal Service:

  CPSC APR/Merit Review Committee (2015)
  CPSC Department Head Search Committee (2015)
  CPSC Graduate Award subcommittee (AY 2014-2015)
  CPSC Operations Committee chair (AY 2014-2015, AY 2015-2016)
  Faculty of Science Revenue and Fund Development Committee (Fall 2014)
  Acting co-director of ISPIA (July-Dec 2014)
  Faculty of Science revenue generation subcommittee (2012)
  Grad. Award subcommittee / Graduate Affairs Committee (AY 2012-2013)
  CPSC operations committee
  ISPIA Exec and Steering committee

External Service:

  General Chair, IEEE Security & Privacy 2016
  Program Committee, TRUST 2016
  Program Committee, USENIX CSET 2016
  Program Committee, CCSW 2015
  Program Committee, TRUST 2015
  Vice Chair (Registration), IEEE Security & Privacy 2015
  co-Organizer, IEEE SPW LangSec Workshop 2015
  Program Committee, PSP 2014
  Program Committee, TRUST 2014
  co-Organizer, IEEE SPW LangSec Workshop 2014
  Finance Chair, IEEE Security & Privacy 2014
  Local Chair, NSPW 2013
  Program co-Chair, ACNS 2013
  Program Chair,
ACSAC 2012
  Program Committee, NSPW 2012
  Program Committee, PST 2012
  Program Committee, USENIX HotCloud 2012
  Program Committee, ACNS 2012

Contact Information

email: prof . locasto AT gmail.com
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  GnuPG key: public RSA key (fingerprint: 5E8B 8407 18A0 CED0 A24C 58D6 5FB5 DD9E 1B5C D0EF)

twitter: mlocasto
land mail: N/A

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