I have moved from Calgary; I 'm now an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. You can find my new web page here.
(updated July 2007)

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. I am a member of the Distributed Systems Laboratory. I joined the University of Calgary in January 2004.

Research Interests and Activities

My general research interests are in the areas of performance evaluation of distributed computer systems and computer networks. Specific research interests include multimedia streaming systems, Web performance, network architecture/protocols, network measurement/modeling, and peer-to-peer systems. The current focus is on the following topics:
  • Traffic classification: Identification and classification of network flows by application type, both at the network edge and at the network core. This topic is spearheaded by graduate student Jeffrey Erman and is in collaboration with Martin Arlitt, Ira Cohen, and Carey Williamson. (See our SIGCOMM MINENET'06 paper, SIGMETRICS'07 poster paper, and WWW'07 paper)

  • Media streaming: Design of next-generation content delivery protocols, experimental evaluation of streaming in wired/wireless networks, and rate control for streaming media. Graduate student Phillipa Sessini has been working on this topic. Former graduate student Sean Boyden also worked on this topic. Collaborators include Zongpeng Li, Carey Williamson, and Derek Eager. (See our ACM MM '06, SPIE/ACM MMCN'07, and IEEE IPCCC'07 papers)

  • Workload characterization: Characterization of media, Web, and Peer-to-Peer traffic. Graduate students Naimul Basher and Phillipa Sessini are interested in different aspects of this broad research topic. (Work-in-progress)

  • TCP throughput models: Development and validation of throughput models of TCP variants, and application of TCP throughput model to understand performance of large, distributed applications. Graduate student Nadim Parvez is the driving force behind this research. I collaborate with Carey Williamson on this topic. (See our IEEE ICC'06 paper)


Ph.D. (2004), M.Sc. (1999), Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
B.E. (1997), Computer Science and Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, India

Professional Activities

I contribute to the computer systems performance evaluation and computer networks communities by reviewing papers for journals and conferences. My recent professional activities include:
  • Program committee membership in PDPTA'04 (The 2004 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications).
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Computer Science.

I am a member of ACM, ACM SIGMETRICS, and ACM SIGCOMM.


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