The University of Calgary
CPSC 203 Introduction to Computers

Assignment 1 Word Processing

Worth: 8 points.

    Produce a three page resume for yourself including a cover page; it need not be complete or accurate.

    Produce a cover page to use on this and all future assignments. The cover page should include your name (remember, you should not put your name and ID together on the front page!), course and lab section in a box near the center of the page. Use a bordered paragraph to create this box.

    Make appropriate use of type sizes and styles for resume and include page numbers. Format document by setting all margins to 1 inch. Use indentation to start a new paragraph. Use one and a half spacing. Your resume should contain a table with lines around all the items (to display your background, education, skills, etc.). Apply shading.

Bonus (2 points):

    1. Use insert date and insert time commands.

    2. Find a famous quotation or a joke, format it and attach it to your resume

Hand in your assignment to the assignment boxes on the 2nd floor of the Math Science Building near the elevators. Be sure to place your assignment in the correct box, the one with your lab section and TA's name.

Assignment 2 Spreadsheet

Worth: 8 points

    In order to complete this assignment it is likely best to have read and worked through some or all of pages ex - 1 to ex -157 in the Projects for Microsoft work book. This especially holds for those with little background in spreadsheets.

    The actual assignment begins on page ex - 158 of the Projects for Microsoft work book and finishes on page ex - 183.

    Upon completion of amortization schedule you will print out a copy of the actual schedule as well a copy showing the formulas used to create the actual schedule.

    In addition you will create and print a chart showing principal paid and interest paid for the last 12 months.

    Bonus (1 point):

    Create two different type charts in addition to the one that is required in this assignment, showing principal paid and interest paid for the last 12 months.

Assignment 3 Power Point Presentation

Worth: 8 points

For this assignment, assume that you are employed by a company and have to make a presentation for a president and the executives on a new product, software, or a project that you believe will be beneficial for your company. The company can be either a small family business, or a large corporation and can specialize in anything: management, advertising, sales, research and development, etc.

You are to create a Power Point presentation that includes at least 8 slides. These slides will be created to convince your superior that your have done a great job. As with any presentation the overheads should follow each other in a smooth flow of information to convince the observer.

Your presentation should satisfy the following conditions:

A consistent design applied to each slide (background, bullets, justification, fonts)

Clip Art on at least three slides

A footer with slide numbers

An organizational chart or a graph

Bonus (1 point):  Use animated transitions between slides and animated effects to bring points, windows and Clip art.

Submission: Submit a printout of your presentation. If you have implemented a bonus, submit a diskette with Power Point presentation to your TA.


Assignment 4 Web Page

Worth: 12 points

    Create a personal web page, and publish it to your University of Calgary AIX account.

    The page must:

    1. Consist of a minimum of 3 web pages created by you.

    2. Include links: 3 links within your own site, 2 to other web sites

    3. Include a link to your email address.

    4. Include 3 targets or bookmarks to help users move around your page.

    5. Have an appropriate background colour or pattern.

    6. Include at least 2 appropriate pictures downloaded from the Internet on your web pages.

    7. Have a list of items on one of the pages.

    Bonus (2 points):

    1. Include a navigation bar to move to and from any of your web pages

    2. Have an animated .gif or any other animation on your web site. This assignment will NOT require a handin to the boxes on the second floor. Send email to your TA that will contain the full URL of your web page.

    Additional specifications:

    You can select any theme for your web page such as web page about yourself (your resume, hobbies, interests), web page about some subject (country, arts, business, nature, etc) or some company.

    You can search for free collections of backgrounds and images and download them from the Internet. Examples of collections are :

    You can create your web page by using Netscape Composer as a part of Netscape Navigator. Create all your HTML files in public_html folder on your computer. Remotely login to your acs account (by using Telnet, for example) and create public_html directory, set up appropriate directory permissions (read and execute for everyone, read, right and execute for yourself) by using chmod Unix command. In order to transfer your HTML files onto the acs account you should use the FTP program. Don't forget to give everyone read permissions on these files.

    You can view your web page through Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator by typing the following URL address:

    where 'your_login' is your login name.

    You can also read some additional information on how to create your web site at

    The link to web page with some basic information on HTML is:


Assignment 5 Database

Worth: 8 points

    This assignment should be done by using the Claris Works database software. You may find that reading and working through pages of the handout on Claris Works database (you can get a copy in CPSC Dept. Main Office MS247) is helpful. Here is the database file for this assignment: database file in text format

    The assignment is as follows:

    1. Create a data table consisting of the fields supplied in the data file.

    2. Create a columnar form so that the data may be entered into the table.

    3. Create a report showing the complete database in ascending order of ID number.

    4. Create a report showing all the employees who started working after 01/01/94 in descending order of start date.

    5. Create a report showing only those employees who started working after 01/01/94 and have a start rate of more than 7 dollars an hour.

    Hand in a copy of each of the reports that you created. Remember that reports should use different fonts and letter size, underlining etc. where appropriate.

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