Book Commemorating UofC Senator Service - Honor

  • The University of Calgary
  • 2010/8
  • Description: Book Commemorating two years of UofC Senate Service (1998-2010) was placed at UofC library in my honor

MITACS/National Museum of Civilization Exhibition Award

  • National Museum of Civilization
  • 2010/4
  • Description: MITACS award to eight outstanding scientists from across Canada to be featured in National Museum of Civilization "Live Sciences!" exhibit opened June 2011 (linking Einstein, Newton and Darwin discoveries to modernday state-of-the-art research)

Senior ACM Member Designation - Prize / Award

  • ACM
  • 2009/4
  • Description: Nominated and awarded Senior ACM membership status for over 10 years of service and exceptional achievements

Postdoctoral Fellow - Full-time

  • The University of Calgary - Computer Science
  • 2000/6
  • Tenure Status: Non Tenure Track

Woman of Distinction, Wisdom and Resilience Award - Prize / Award

  • The University of Calgary
  • 2007/10
  • Description: Awarded at Inaugural University of Calgary Gala as a Woman of Distinction, Wisdom and Resilience, following successful nomination from Faculty of Sciences, University of Calgary

World Scientific Bestselling Author - Prize / Award

  • World Scientific International
  • 2007/9
  • Description: Author of World Scientific International Bestseller of the Month in September 2007 for edited book on Image Pattern Recognition

Founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal Transactions on Computational Sciences -Distinction

  • Springer-Verlag
  • 2007/9
  • Description: Founded International Journal Transactions on Computational Sciences, Springer-Verlag in 2007

Promising Researcher Fellowship Award - Prize / Award

  • London South Bank University
  • 2006/1
  • Description: Recipient of a Promising Researcher Fellowship Award from London South Bank University, UK 2006