Invited Keynotes:

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Microsoft Research

Samsung Research



Int. Center for Voronoi Diagrams

Bellairs Institute



  • Keynote, ICCSA 2011, Santander, Spain “Recent Advances and Trends in Biometric Multimodal Research, June 20, 2011, A Iglesias Chair
  • Keynote Lecturer, Winter School on Computational Geometry, Iran, February 2015 – accepted as one of TWO speakers invited every year in 2011,  Ali Mohades invitation
  • Invited Keynote Speech ICCSA 2009, Suwon, Korea Keynote Speaker Day 2
  • Opening Keynote CW 2012, Intelligent Decision Making for Multi-Sensor Pattern Recognition and CyberSecurity, Germany, Sept 2012
  • Opening Keynote, Finding the right path: Intelligent Image Processing for mobile planning, robotics and virtual reality applications, Graphicon 2012  -22nd Conference on Computer Graphics and Image processing, Russia, Oct 1-5, 2012
  • Keynote Speech, ICBAKE 2009, “Exploring Multimodal Biometric through Biometric Fusion” Poland, June 25th, 2009
  • Invited Speaker, 14th Annual Privacy and Security Conference, February 7-8, 2013 at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, BC.  Biometrics: Facial Recognition - Impacts and Opportunities Panel.
  • Invited Workshop “How to get published” Roundtable as Editor-in-Chief of Springer journal, UofCalgary Education, January 31st, 2013 University of Calgary
  • Invited Speaker INRIA “Cyberworld Security”,  half-day workshop presentation Dec 1st, 2012, University of Calgary
  • Invited Tutorial, VisGra2012 Chaotic Neural Network for Biometric Pattern Recognition, French territory, Reunion, March 2012
  • Invited Lecture “On Biometric Fusion” 1 hour Kyung Hee University, Global Campus, Suwon, Korea,  March 2010 Brian D’Auriol Host
  • CMSS/ISPIA invited lecture workshop on relations between Security and Cybersecurity, talk “Biometrics for Cybersecurity,” December 2013
  • Research visit and Invited presentation (hosted by Dr. Cha Znang, Microsoft Research): “Computational Geometry algorithms for clustering, obstacle avoidance and optimal path planning,”  MS research Main Lecture room, videotaped, August 6th 2007.
  • Invited Presentation “Security and Privacy in Engineering and Biometrics”, co-presented with S. Yanishkevich, Sat Nov 19th  2011 ISPIA Information Exchange and Planning event, 50 member audience, Senate Room, Hotel Alba, UofC
  • Invited presentation and Panel Discussion "Modern Challenges and Computer Security," INDIN 2003 Banff August 2003
  • Invited presentation, the CMS summer meeting, Edmonton, hosted by Peter Minev, June 2003 (sent via electronic mail, could not be delivered in person due to materrnity leave)
  • Invited Plenary Panel presentation, Banff, Canada, Oct 5 2011 CW 2011 “Cyberworlds: Future Advancements and Challenges” A. Sourin, T Kunii, M Gavrilova, D Thallmann chairs
  • Invited Plenary presentation, Banff, Canada, Aug 20 2011 ICCI&CC Conference 10th anniversary edition, “On Future of Cognitive Informatics” Y Wang chair
  • Invited Plenary Panel presentation, ICCI’13, New York, July 2013 Y Wang moderator
    MIT Conference, Poland, Invited keynote “Advances in biometric research and neural networks”, Oct 2010
  • Invited Conference Talk : Gavrilova M.L. “Exact Point Location in Generalized Voronoi Diagram”, by Invitation, Abstract,
  • Invited talk June 17th MITACS Workshop on Remote Sensing “Multimodal Biometric Fusion”, by invitation by Prof. H. Leung, Session ”Information Fusion”, 2009
  • Invited talk, Faculty Lightening Talks, Women Optimize in the West, “Optimization problems in biometric research”, June 13, 2013
  • Invited Talk; iCORE Security Seminar Series, "Increasing Reliability of Biometric Authentication through Computational Geometry”, Calgary, AB, May 16th 2007.
  • Invited talk, W21C Spring Retreat: Building Our Future, Rosza Center: Overview W21C RFID/WIFI Location Tracking project (co-presented with Dr. William Ghali), May14, 2008
  • Invited talk, WISE annual ‘WISE Speaker Series/Faculty Night’ event, to promote women in pursuing a career in science and engineering and provide support to women who would like to further their education in a masters or PhD program, October 23, 2007
  • Invited talk, Ward of the 21st Century Retreat, Rozsa Center, Oct 23rd, full day event, “Location tracking and spatial-temporal analysis of data”
  • Invited Lecture, “Thiessen polytops for analysis of crystalline structures,” PIMS Banff Research Station Workshop - Convex and Abstract Polytopes, May 20-21, 2005, Banff, Canada
  • Invited visit and lecture Int Voronoi Diagram Centre “Power of Geometry in Biometric and Multi-modal Fusion ” 2 hours Hanyang University Seoul March 2010 Deok-Soo Kim Host
  • Invited Visit, University of Victoria, July 2007 “Computational Geometry Algorithms for Clustering and Path Planning”, by invitation by Rosaline Canessa and P. Keller, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Invited Visit, Glamorgan University, UK, August 17-19, 2006
  • Invited visit and High Profile Researcher Series “Voronoi Diagrams: Concepts and Recent Developments” LSBU, London, UK, August 2006
  • Invited visit and Invited Lecture, Samsung Research Institute, System LSI Lab, Oct 14, 2005, Seoul, Korea
  • Invited Visit, Vice-President of Technical Computing, Microsoft Corp, Oct 5, Redmond, WA, USA
  • Invited Visit and Invited Lecture, “Adaptive Mesh Generation for Real-Time Terrain Modeling,“ University of Tokyo, Japan, September 2004
  • Invited Visit and Invited lecture, “ESL Library for Exact Computation of Geometric Primitives”, International Center for Voronoi Diagram Research, Hanyang University, September 2004
  • Invited visit and lecture “Algorithm library development for complex biological and mechanical systems: functionality, interoperability and numerical stability ” at the DIMACS Research Centre and Bell Labs, hosted by Steven Fortune (Bell Labs), December 2002
  • Invited visit and invited presentation  “Geometric algorithms in computer simulation,” University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, hosted by S. Wismath, March 14th, 2002
  • Invited visit and presentation “The Voronoi-Delaunay methodology for modelling of flow and analysis of voids,” research seminar for members of the Section Computational Science, University of Amsterdam,  Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 19th, 2001