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Poursaberi A*, Yanushkevich S, Gavrilova M, "Modified Multiscale Vesselness Filter for Facial Feature Detection" Paper The Emerging Security Technologies (EST) Conference, United Kingdom, Cambridge, 2013-09-11


Poursaberi A*, Yanushkevich S, Gavrilova M, "An Efficient Facial Expression Recognition System in Infrared Images" Paper 4th International Emerging Security Technologies (EST) Conference 2013, United Kingdom, Cambridge, 2013-09-11


Bhattacharya P*, Gavrilova M, "Spatial consistency of dense features within interest regions for efficient landmark recognition" Paper , Springer, 1-10 Computer Graphics International CGI’2013 conference, 30th anniversary edition, nominated for Best Presentation Award by conference chair, Germany, Hannover, 2013-06-12


Sultana M*, Gavrilova M, "A Content Based Feature Combination Method for Face Recognition" Paper , Springer, 1-10 8th International Conference on Computer  Recognition Systems CORES 2013, Poland, 2013-05-27


Huang H*, Gavrilova M, "Integrated Random Local Similarity Approach for Facial Image Recognition" Paper , LNCS  Springer, 1-10, 13th International Conference on  Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2013,  Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh City, 2013-06-24


Afonso L, Papa J, Marana A, Poursaberi A*, Yanushkevich S, Gavrilova M, "Optimum-Path Forest Classifier for Large Scale Biometric Applications" Paper , IEEE-CS, 58-61, 3rd International Emerging Security Technologies (EST) Conference, Portugal, Lisbon, 2012-09-05


Mohamed A*, Gavrilova M, Yampolskiy R, "Artificial Face Recognition using Wavelet Adaptive LBP with Directional Statistical Features" Paper , IEEE- CS, 23-28

International Conference on CyberWorlds 2012, ACM, Eurographics and IEEE CS, paper presented in person, Germany, Darmstadt, 2012-09-25


Bhattacharya P*, Gavrilova M, "Improving RANSAC local features based on topological information" Paper , IEEE_CS, 17-24, 9th International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering ISVD 2012, IEEE-CS, paper presented in person, United States, New Jersey, Rutgers, 2012-06-27


Ahmadian K*, Gavrilova M, "Axis-Parallel Dimension Reduction" Paper , LNCS Springer, 188-197 12th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2012, Brazil, Salvador, 2012-06-18


Bhattacharya P*, Gavrilova M, "Towards Better Recognition with Improved Visual Vocabulary" Paper , CGI proceedings, 1-10 29th Computer Graphics International CGI 2012, United Kingdom, London, 2012-06-12


Bazazian S*, Gavrilova M, "Context-based Gait Recognition" Paper , SPIE 8407, 1 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing 2012, Workshop on Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and  Applications 2012, United States, Maryland, Baltimore, 2012-04-23


Paul P*, Gavrilova M, "Multimodal Biometric Approach for Cancelable Face Template Generation" Paper , SPIE 8407, 1 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing 2012,  Workshop on Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications 2012, United States, Maryland, Baltimore, 2012-04-23


Sherstyk A, Treskunov A, Gavrilova M, "Predator-Prey Vision Metaphor for Multi-Tasking Virtual Environments" Paper , IEEE-CS, 81-84 Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, selected as one of Top Five Short Papers, United States, California, Los Angeles, 2012-03-04


Polash P*, Gavrilova M, "Multimodal Cancellable Biometric" Paper , IEEE- CS, 43-50 The 10th IEEE International Conference on COGNITIVE INFORMATICS & COGNITIVE COMPUTING (ICCI*CC), BEST PAPER AWARD, Japan, Kyoto, 2011-08-18


Yampolskiy R, Cho G*, Rosenthal R*, Gavrilova M, "Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms on Avatar Face Datasets" Paper , IEEE-CS, 93-99 International Conference on Cyberworlds 2011, ACM/IEEE, paper presented in  person, Canada, Alberta, Banff, 2011-10-04


Ahmadian K*, Gavrilova M, "A Novel Multi-Modal Biometric Architecture for High-Dimensional Features" Paper , IEEE-CS, 9-16 International Conference on Cyberworlds 2011, ACM/IEEE, BEST PAPER AWARD, Canada, Alberta, Banff, 2011-10-04


Wang Y, Berwick R, Haykin S, Pedrycz W, Baciu G, Bhavsar V, Gavrilova M, Kinsner W, Zhang D, "Cognitive Informatics in year 10 and beyond: summary of the plenary panel" Paper , IEEE-CS, 11-22 The 10th IEEE International Conference on COGNITIVE INFORMATICS & COGNITIVE COMPUTING (ICCI*CC), Canada, Alberta, Banff, 2011-08-18


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "A Novel Fuzzy Multimodal Information Fusion Technology for Human Biometric Traits Identification" Paper , IEEE-CS, 112-119 The 10th IEEE International Conference on COGNITIVE INFORMATICS & COGNITIVE COMPUTING (ICCI*CC), Canada, Alberta, Banff, 2011-08-18


Tian Y*, Wang Y, Gavrilova M, Ruhe G, "A Formal Knowledge Representation System for the Cognitive Learning Engine" Paper , IEEE-CS, 23-32 The 10th IEEE International Conference on COGNITIVE INFORMATICS & COGNITIVE COMPUTING, BEST PAPER AWARD, Canada, Alberta, Banff, 2011-08-18


Bulanov O*, Poursaberi A*, Shmerko V, Wang P, Yanushkevich S, Gavrilova M, "Biometric-Based Intelligent Agent Systems" Paper , IADIS Digital Library, 162-164 IADIS Intelligent Systems and Agents 2011 (ISA 2011), Italy, Rome, 2011-07-24


Sherstyuk A, Gavrilova M, "Virtual Roommates in Multiple Shared Spaces" Paper , IEEE-CS, 81-88 IEEE International Symposium on Virtual Reality 2012, Singapore, Singapore,



Nayyar S*, Gavrilova M, Greenough A*, Ghali W,  "Performance and Integration of RTLS Technology in  Healthcare Sector" Paper , ICCMS Digital Proceedings,  296-301 International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation ICCMS 2011, India, Mumbai, 2011-01-07


Gavrilova M, Yampolskiy R, "Applying Biometric Principles to Avatar Recognition" Paper , IEEE-CS, 179-186 International Conference on Cyberworlds 2010 ACM/IEEE, paper  presented in person, Singapore, Singapore, 2010-10-20


Hasan M*, Gavrilova M, "A Geometric Approach to Drill Path Collision Avoidance" Paper , IEEE-CS, 244-253 ISVD 2010, IEEE-CS, paper presented in person, Canada, Quebec,  Quebec City, 2010-06-28


Nayyar S*, Gavrilova M, "Exploring Potential of Spatial-Temporal Data in Healthcare" Paper , CGS Proceedings, 1-4

Canadian Geomatics Conference, GSN Showcase BEST PAPER AWARD, Canada, Alberta, Calgary, 2010-06-15


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "Secured Access Control through Markov Chain Based Rank Level Fusion Method" Paper , VISAPP proce edings, 458-453 5th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP), France, Angres, 2010-05-17


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "A Multi-algorithm Based  Automatic Person Identification System" Paper , SPIE Digital library, 1 SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Symposium 2010, Visual Information Processing, United States, Florida, 2010-04-05


Ahmadian K*, Gavrilova M, Taniar D, "Multi-criteria Optimization in GIS: Continuous K-Nearest Neighbor Search in Mobile Navigation" Paper , LNCS Springer, 574-589

ICCSA 2010, Japan, Fukuoka, 2010-03-23


Ahmadian K*, Gavrilova M, "On-Demand Chaotic Neural Network for Broadcast Scheduling Problem" Paper , LNCS Springer, 664-676 International Conference on Computational Science and Applications, Korea, Republic of, Yongin, 2009-07-02


Zhao G, Xuan K, Taniar D, Safar M, Gavrilova M, Srinivasan B, "Multiple Object Types KNN Search Using Network  Voronoi Diagram" Paper , pp , LNCS vol. ICCSA, , Seoul, 2009-07-06


Liu X*, Gavrilova M, "High Quality Visual Hull Reconstruction by Delaunay Refinement" Paper , IEEE-CS, 135-145 ISVD 2009, Denmark, Copenhagen, 2009-06-23


Ahmadian K*, Gavrilova M, "Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach for Biometric Fusion" Paper , IEEE-CS, 12-17

International Conference on Biometrics and Kansei  Engineering, paper presented in person, Poland,  2009-06-25


Xuan K*, Zhao G*, Taniar D, Srinivasan B, Safar M, Gavrilova M, "Network Voronoi Diagram based Range Search" Paper , IEEE-CS, 741-748 AINA 2009, The 22nd IEEE Int Conf on Advanced Networking and Applications, United Kingdom, Bradford, 2009-05-26


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "Enhancing Security through a Hybrid Multibiometric System" Paper , IEEE-CS, 84-91

Computational Intelligence in Biometrics: Theory,  Algorithms, and Applications CIB 2009, United States, Tennessee, Nashville, 2009-03-30


Mostafavi M, Hashemi L*, Gavrilova M, "3D Dynamic Scene Surveillance and Management using a 3D Kinetic Spatial Data Structure" Paper , IEEE-CS, 45-53 International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems  & Web Services GEOWS2009, Mexico, Cancun, 2009-02-01


Nayyar S*, Gilgen J*, Gavrilova M, Johnsen O, Ghali W, "Ergonomic Design of Interface for Conceptual Floor Model and Spatial Event Handling in RFID Application" Paper , MIT Journal, 1-10 14th International Medical Informatics & Technologies Conference 2009, published in MIT Journal, paper presented in person, Poland, Krakow, 2009-01-01


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "Integrating Mono-Modal Biometric Matchers through Logistic Regression Rank Aggregation Approach" Paper , IEEE-CS, 1-7 37th IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR 2008), United States,  Washington, Washington, 2008-10-15


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "Multimodal Biometric Identification using Face and Iris Features" Paper 6th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST 2008) Graduate Student Symposium, Canada, New Brunswick, Fredericton, 2008-09-30


Bereg S, Buchin K, Buchin M, Gavrilova M, Zhu B, "Voronoi Diagram of Polygonal Chains under the Discrete Frechet Distance" Paper , 352-362 COCCON 2008, the 14th International Computing and Combinatorics Conference, Springer, China, 2008-08-08


Apu R*, Gavrilova M, "Contour Rectification and Analysis using Circular Augmented Rotational Trajectory Algorithm" Paper , IEEE-CS, 75-81 6th International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Imaging GMAI, United Kingdom, London, 2008-07-09


Liu X*, Gavrilova M, Samavati F, "NURBS Fusion" Paper , IEEE-CS, 514-522 Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling Workshop TSCG’08, paper presented in person,  Italy, Perugia, 2008-07-22


Serra N*, Canessa R, Bertazzon S, Gavrilova M, Keller P, "Exploratory Spatial Analysis of Illegal Oil Discharges Detected off Canada's Pacific Coast" Paper , LNCS 5072, 81-95 Workshop on Computational GeoInformatics, Italy, Perugia, 2008-06-30


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "A Robust Authentication System using Multiple Biometrics" Paper , IEEE-CS, 189-201 7th IEEE ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS 2008), United States, Oregon, Portland, 2008-05-14


Monwar M*, Gavrilova M, "FES: A System of Combining Face, Ear and Signature Biometrics using Rank Level Fusion" Paper , ITNG proceedings, 922-927 5th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations - ITNG 2008, United States, Nevada, Las  Vegas, 2008-04-07


Bhattacharya P*, Gavrilova M, "Geometric Algorithms for Clearance Based Optimal Path Computation" Paper , ACM, 308-311 15th ACM Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, United States, Washington, Seattle, 2007-11-07