Foundational Methods in Computer Science 2010
University of Calgary, June 12th - 15th, 2010

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary is hosting the Foundational Methods in Computer Science workshop at the Kananaskis Field Stations in Alberta, Canada.   The meeting will run from the 12th June - 15th June 2010 (please note changed dates).

The workshop is an informal meeting to bring together researchers in Mathematics and Computer Science with a focus on the applications of Category Theory to Computer Science.


The Saturday sessions of the meeting will be devoted to tutorials.  

Research talks

The schedule is now available.

Student participation at FMCS is particularly encouraged. There are limited funds to provide support for students who wish to attend the workshop (see below).

Travel and accommodation

If you are planning to attend FMCS please try to arrive at the University of Calgary before 5:00pm  (if you are flying in that day plan to arrive at the airport on Friday 11th June well before 4:00PM (MST)). There will be a last shuttle to the Kananaskis field stations leaving the University of Calgary at 6:00pm Friday June 11th: we will meet at the bottom of the ICT building starting at 5:30PM.

There will be an informal reception for participants at the field stations starting at 7:00PM Friday 11th June.

On Tuesday 15th June at 2:00PM there will be a shuttle service back to Calgary (arriving at approximately 3:00PM). Please ensure any flight bookings are well after that time.

Registration (NEW!)

Please register for the meeting by emailing Robin Cockett. The registration fee will be collected on-arrival in cash or by a cheque (only Canadian banks because of charges) -- we have rather limited Visa facilites so other methods are preferable.  There are no bank machines etc. at the field station so please sort this out while at the university!

If you are arriving by plane we will try to meet you ... so look out for people you know or just look like FMCS people!  If all else fails take a taxi/bus to the University go to the Computer Science Department.

Registration will cover accommodation, meals, meeting costs, and transport: the registration fee will be $350 for non-students and $275 for students. 

Support for graduate students

We particularly encourage graduate students to attend FMCS and to present their work. Some limited funding is available to support graduate students who wish to attend FMCS. To apply for this funding you should contact Robin Cockett (email) and include the following information:

All applications must be received by Friday 21th May. We will contact people shortly thereafter.

Participants (here)

Schedule (here)

Past meetings

Past meetings have been held in Halifax, Ottawa, Hamilton, Spokane, Vancouver, Kananaskis, Portland..