27th Foundational Methods in Computer Science Workshop

University of Calgary
 May 28th - June 2nd, 2019

Attendees FMCS 2019

The departments of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Calgary, with support from PIMS, are hosting the Foundational Methods in Computer Science workshop 2019 at the Kananaskis Field Station (now the Biogeosciences Institute) in the Kananaskis valley, Alberta, Canada.  

Foundational Methods in Computer Science is an annual workshop that brings together researchers in theoretical computer science and category theory.  Past workshops have enjoyed talks in areas such as categorical quantum mechanics, restriction categories, database design, and the differential and resource logics.  This year's scientific program, while continuing to welcome talks from all areas of theoretical computer science and category theory, is happy to host tutorials and talks on abstract differential geometry, differential categories, differential programming, and homotopy theory.

Schedule: (here)

The meeting will have an informal reception at the field station  at 7:00pm on Tuesday evening 28th May. The workshop will end at midday on 2nd June 2019.

The meeting will be run on a mountain schedule (this means afternoons are available for hiking -- bring hiking equipment!).


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (May 29th/30th/31st) will be largely devoted to tutorials.  Tutorial speakers are:
Research Talks:

The evenings, Saturday, and Sunday morning will be largely devoted to contributed research talks.

  The schedule is here

Graduate student talks:

Graduate student participants and talks are particularly encouraged at FMCS.
There are limited funds to provide support for graduate students who wish to attend the workshop (see below).

Travel and accommodation:

The meeting is at a Field Station situated in the foothills of the Rockie Mountains some 100K from the city of Calgary.  Registration includes food and accommodation (Wednesday night though Saturday night).  Transportation out to the Field Station on the Tuesday evening from Calgary will be available. 

If you are planning to attend FMCS please try to arrive at the University of Calgary before 5:00pm  (if you are flying in that day plan to arrive at the airport on Tuesday 28th May before 4:00PM (MST)). There will be a last shuttle to the Kananaskis field stations leaving the University of Calgary at 6:00pm Tuesday May 28th: we will leave from the bottom of the ICT building: we will assemble there at about 5:30PM (if you arrive before just come up to Robin Cockett's office ICT 652).

There will be an informal reception for participants at the field stations starting at 7:00PM Tuesday, 28th May.

On Sunday 2th June starting at 2:00PM there will be a shuttle service back to Calgary (arriving back at approximately 3:00PM). Please ensure any flight bookings are well after that time.


Please register for the meeting by emailing Kristine Bauer (bauerk at ucalgary dot ca) or Robin Cockett (robin at ucalgary dot ca). The registration fee will be collected on-arrival in cash or by a check (only Canadian banks because of bank charges) -- we have rather limited Visa facilities so other methods are preferable.  There are no bank machines at the field station so please sort this out while at the university before you leave for the field station!

If you are arriving by plane we will try to meet you ... so look out for people you know or just look like FMCS sorts!  If all else fails take a taxi/bus to the University, go to the Computer Science Department (ICT building) and find Robin Cockett's office (6th floor, ICT652).

Registration will cover accommodation, meals, meeting costs, and transport: the registration fee will be $300 for non-students and $150 for students (who should register as described below). 

Support for graduate students:

We particularly encourage graduate students to attend FMCS and to present their work. Some limited funding is available to support graduate students who wish to attend FMCS. To obtain the discounted registration and to apply for this funding you should contact Kristine Bauer or Robin Cockett (email) and include the following information:

All applications must be received by Tuesday 21th May.

Participants, Slides, and Abstracts: (here)