LQPL - A Linear Quantum Programming Language

How to get it

Download lqpl-0.8.4.tgz and compile it. You will need a recent copy of ghc and version 0.10.1 of gtk2hs to compile it.

Compiling follows the standard Haskell Cabal build system. Briefly:

  1. Download and unzip and untar the above file in your desired location.
  2. In the created directory (lqpl-0.8.4) type:
    1. runghc Setup.hs configure
    2. runghc Setup.hs build
    3. runghc Setup.hs install
    where the install may require you to sudo on macintosh or linux.
  3. Execute the emulator by typing emlqpl at the command line.
  4. Example programs are discussed in the documentation and included under the doc directory.


User documentation is in progress. A first version is included with the download and availaible separately: lqplManual.pdf

The roadmap is available on Brett Giles' LQPL page.