CPSC601.02:  Readings in Topos Theory

Lecturer: Robin Cockett
Office: ICT 652
Times: Wed  5:00 -  7:00pm
Place:  ICT 616


The course consists of a series of student presentation based around sections of the ``Elephant'': each student presents the sections and then creates class notes.


  1. Deni Salja on "Cartesian and regular categories" (here)
  2. James Steele on "Cartesian Closed Categories and subobject classification" (here).
  3. Braden Strachan "The monadicity theorem" (here).
  4. Mohamar Rios Flores
  5. Geoff Vooys "On Natural Number Objects and Quasitopoi" (here)
  6. Andre de Waal on "Relational Categories and Allegories" (here).