CPSC 418 / MATH 318   Introduction to Cryptography, Winter 2023

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General Information
Lectures L01 MWF 15:00-15:50 in MFH 160
Instructor: Renate Scheidler
Office: Math Sciences 436
E-mail: rscheidl@ucalgary.ca
Phone: 220-6628
Office hours: Wednesdays & Fridays immediately after class or by appointment.
Tutorials for CPSC 418
  T01   M 14:00-14:50 in ENF 334, Instructor: Amir Abbas Asgari W 18:00-18:50 in ENC 70, Instructor: Haysn Hornbeck
  T02   W 14:00-14:50 in ST 55, Instructor: Amir Abbas Asgari W 18:00-18:50 in ENC 70, Instructor: Haysn Hornbeck
  T03   F 14:00-14:50 in ST 55, Instructor: Amir Abbas Asgari W 18:00-18:50 in ENC 70, Instructor: Haysn Hornbeck
  T04   M 16:00-16:50 in ST 63, Instructor: Amir Abbas Asgari W 18:00-18:50 in ENC 70, Instructor: Haysn Hornbeck
  T05   M 17:00-17:50 in ST 63, Instructor: Nikita Tripathi W 18:00-18:50 in ENC 70, Instructor: Haysn Hornbeck

For all tutorial sections, the first time listed above is an individual section conducted in a small group. All these individual sections will cover the same material. The W 18:00 tutorial session is common to all tutorial sections and includes all CPSC 418 students.

CPSC 418 students are requested to attend the tutorial they are registered in. MATH 318 students are welcome to attend tutorials optionally, subject to space in the classroom.

Teaching Assistants Amir Abbas Asgari (Computer Science)
Aylar Erfanianazadsoltan (Computer Science), Marker
Haysn Hornbeck (Computer Science)
Fatemeh Jalavand (Mathematics), Marker
Nikita Tripathi (Computer Science)
Recommended Textbook D. R. Stinson & M. B. Paterson, Cryptography - Theory and Practice, 4th edition, CRC 2019.
Acquisition of this book is entirely optional. The U of C bookstore offers printed copies for sale and for rent, as well as a digital version through Vitalsource.
Doug Stinson has a web page for this book, including an errata list. Please be advised that older editions of Stinson's book are obsolete and missing modern material.
Software Platforms
Course materials Course website This site
Class discussion and assignment download Piazza Class discussion will be done exclusively through this forum which is highly catered to getting you help fast and efficiently from class mates, the TAs, and your instructor. Please post all course-related non-personal questions on Piazza; be advised that teaching staff will not respond such questions through e-mail. You need to create and activate a Piazza account if you don't already have one. Then sign up for our course at piazza.com/ucalgary.ca/winter2023/cpsc418math318 (use your U of C e-mail and full name).
Grade administration and assignment submission Gradescope Note that this is the Canadian site. Create an account if you don't already have one; if you have one on gradescope.com, you will have to create a new one on gradescope.ca. Use your U of C e-mail address as it appears on D2L as your user name. Also, your surname (last name) as it appears on D2L should match the surname on your account. Then add our course to your account using the code MDWD69.
Written homework problems LaTeX LaTeX is a powerful typesetting program that is particularly suited for typesetting mathematical symbols. Resources can be found under the latex tab on the course website. All written homework problems must be typeset in LaTeX.
Programming homework problems (CPSC 418 only) Python All programming problems for CPSC 418 must be done in Python. This does not apply to code written in support of written problems, including any bonus problem.

Note that we are using the D2L site for this course exclusively for recording exam grades. No content will be posted there.
Assessment and Grading Three components – assignments, midterm exam and final exam – are included in the determination of the course grade.
     Component Weight
       3 Assignments     30%
       Midterm Exam     30%
       Final Exam     40%

Percentage to letter grade conversion:
  A+        A       A-       B+        B        B-        C+        C        C-       D+         D       F   
>9590-95 86-90 82-86 78-82 74-78 70-74 66-70 62-66 58-62 50-58 <50

Exam Policies and Procedures

  • Exams are closed-book. No aids of any kind (books, notes, calculators etc) are permitted.
  • The midterm exam will take place Wednesday, March 15, 18:00-19:30 in KNB 132 (Room 132 of Kinesiology Block B).
  • The final exam will take place Monday April 24, 15:30-18:30, location TBD. It will cover all the course material, but with more emphasis on the material not tested on the midterm exam.
  • Please consult the Office of the Registrar's website on deferral of final exams regarding valid reasons and procedures for deferring a final exam.
Assignment Policies and Procedures
  • Assignments and solution keys are posted on the Piazza Resources page. Assignments must be submitted for marking through Gradescope by the due date/time.
  • Detailed policies, guidelines, specifications, information about the submission procedure and due dates can be found on the assignments tab.

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