Design a Media item for the Community Bar

You have been hired as a summer assistant to work on the Community Bar Project, a groupware system that makes it easy for a small group to stay aware of each other, to post common information, and to move into conversation and work. The current set of notifications allows people to post data (such as web sites), awareness information (such as snapshot video) and to communicate (real time text chat).

Your job is to build a new type of groupware media item that can be posted to the Community Bar. You have complete freedom of your design, but you must identify the intended audience, and argue why the notification is useful for them, and that its design is somewhat impressive. As well, the media item should show a clear progression from awareness information to somewhat more detailed information and interaction to full details and interaction (via the three types of items you can create).

The design should also be visually appealing and impressive, as your boss wants to use your work as a convincing and aesthetic example of what can be done with their architecture.


Pedagogical Objectives

What you will be given

Gregor McEwan will give you his prototype Community Bar system and media item designer tutorial/tester, designed to simplify the development process of notifications and groupware. See



Evaluation will be somewhat stricter than in project 1. As before, your exercise will be very loosely based on the following breakdown. However, great successes or failures in one exercise criteria will likely affect your total grade. Note that a successful implementation is required: if you cannot demonstrate your system, you will automatically receive a zero.

Possible ideas

These are in no particular order. Note that some of these are easy, others are very difficult. I just brainstormed these quickly; try and come up with your own. One trick is to take any existing notification  and ask yourself what it would be like if you could post it to multiple people and how they would act on it