CPSC 701.81: Ubiquitous, Domestic and Tangible Computing

Note: this course was last taught in fall, 2006.

The advanced course in Human Computer Interaction is structured around readings, seminars, and projects related to the topics of ubiquitous, domestic and tangible computing. Students are expected to take the lead in pursuing sub-topics, where they gather materials and present it to others, and where they define and implement major projects. Basic contents include:

  • core conceptual, technical and social concepts in ubiquitous computing;
  • human and social factors of domestic environments and its interplay with ubiquitous computing
  • realizing ubiquitous computing through tangible devices and information appliances

Students may take this course as an official audit. Autditors will not have to define and implement major projects, and will not be graded. However, they will still have to be involved in all other aspects of the course, i.e., readings, presentations, etc.

Last offering


  • Required: Computer Science 481 or equivalent
  • Recommended: CPSC 581 and CPSC 681 or equivalent
  • Permission of the instructor saul.greenberg@ucalgary.ca


  • Seminar presentations: 25%
  • Assignments (two): 25%
  • Major Project: 50%
  • details...



Student Sandbox

Students: The sandbox is a place for you to put your own materials for this course.

Min Xin
Cheng Guo

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