Student Deliverables

Seminar presentations: 25%

  • decide on several subtopics (with approval by the instructor)
  • gather core readings
  • create a resource page on the course wiki for other students
  • prepare a presentation summarizing the topic (full class)
  • Deliverables reflect the above, i.e., the resource page and the presentation. The Seminar grade will also reflect student participation in other class discussions.

Assignments: 25%

  • Two assignments will give students hands-on experiences coding ubiquitous interfaces.
  • Assignment 1: Shared Phidgets coding exercise
  • Assignment 2: To be determined with the student(s), e.g., pen-based programming of a tablet Programming cell phones, PDAs, etc.
  • Deliverables are a demonstration of the developed system, a short video of it being used in action, and an archive page on the class wiki including all the software (source, executables, documentation) in an easily deployable package

Major Project: 50%

  • The student must propose and carry through a major project in this area, with the project agreed upon by the instructor.
  • Projects can cover a broad range of topics within this area, and may focus on (for example):
    • a study of a particular niche relevant to ubiquitous computing and/or domestic environments
    • implementation of a significant tangible device and / or information appliance
  • Deliverables will be the actual study results/system development, an archive of this material on the class wiki, and an 8-10 page report in ACM CHI format