Tentative Schedule


  • September. Initial proposals due (Done)
  • From now to Dec 6: You should be actively working on your project.
  • Oct 11. Detailed proposal due, indicating milestones and deliverables expected (2 pages). This is a contract.
  • Nov 29 (if possible): Demonstrate implementation (see note below about Dec 8).
  • Dec 6. All project deliverables due:
    • Software archive
    • Demonstration
    • 8-10 report in ACM CHI format
  • Dec 8: Because Saul is in London, he will schedule a special class on Dec 8 for demonstrations.


  • Ongoing: Seminar presentations, blog entries and discussions on assigned readings (1st presentation done)
  • Oct 4: Proposal (1/2 page) on 2nd major seminar topic
  • Oct 16: Post readings (PDF) and citations on the blog for the class on the 2nd major seminar topic.
  • Oct 16: Final day to schedule your 2nd major seminar presentation.


  • Oct 11 or 16: Demonstrate your first Phidgets assignment to the class
  • Oct 16: Deliver archive page of your Phidgets assignment on the class wiki including all the software (source, executables, documentation) in an easily deployable package, including a short video of it being used in action.
  • Oct 11: Proposal (1/2 page) on 2nd assigment topic, plus schedule demo dates.
  • Nov 29: Last possible day for 2nd assignment topic deliverables (as above) plus class demo.
Sep 11Organizational MeetingWeiser Readings on Ubicomp-
Sep 18  -
Sep 25  -
Oct 2  -
Oct 9Thanksgiving, no class -
Oct 16  -
Oct 23  -
Oct 30  -
Nov 6 CSCWConference in lieue of classes
Nov 13Remenberance day, no classSteve Viller lectureSaul in spain around here
Nov 20  Carman at OZCHI
Nov 27  -
Dec 4  Saul in UK