End-User Programming of Ubicomp in the Home

My presentation will introduce the important concepts of end-user programming (EUP), and then focus on the introduction of research projects that applied these concepts to requirements in the domestic space. This includes systems that provide graphical and tangible user interfaces for the users to program the Ubicomp environment in their home.


Main reading for the presentation

Additional interesting papers

This paper describes an end-user programming system with a graphical user interface. The system uses the metaphor of jigsaw pieces, that the users can combine to create new ubiquitous computing applications.

Anind Dey et al. describe the a CAPpella system that allows users to create new context-aware applications in situ with the programming by demonstration approach. The paper does not directly address programming in the home; however, context-aware applications are definitely an important part of the smart home visions.

  • Blackwell, A. F. and Hague, R. (2001) AutoHAN: An Architecture for Programming the Home. In Proceedings of the IEEE 2001 Symposia on Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments (Hcc'01) (September 05 - 07, 2001). IEEE Computer Society, Washington.

Alan Blackwell's and Rob Hague's paper introduces the AutoHAN architecture and the Media Cubes that allow users the programming by direct manipulation of tangible objects.