Lecture Topics in Human Computer Interaction

These pages collect various topics, assignments and materials in human computer interaction that I select for use in various versions of my introductory human computer interaction courses.


Part 1. Overview

Part 2: Understanding Design

Part 3: Designing with the User

Part 4: Designing Without the User

Part 5: Designing Visual Interfaces

Part 6: Implementing GUIs

  • Windowing Systems and Toolkits (removed as now out of date)
  • Visual Basic Examples (removed as now out of date)

Part 7: Sketching Interactive Experiences

Part 7: The Future

  • Visions of the future (removed as now out of date)
  1. Task centered design and prototyping
  2. Usability studies
  3. System redesign, implementation, and evaluation
  4. Controlled study: A comparison of keyboards
For teaching
Lab materials
Publications Teaching Human Computer Interaction to Programmers. Greenberg, S. (1996)