Conference Attendance

Part of your training in becoming a researcher is attending academic meetings, such as conferences. Students attend conferences for several reasons.

Decisions on conference attendance

If you want me to fund you to attend a conference, here are my rules of thumb.

  1. You need to ask me and justify your reasons for going. If you don't ask, you won't go.
  2. I need to have the budget available to send you. Conference attendance typically costs anywhere between $1500. - $3500 by the time flights, hotels, registration and food are taken into consideration
  3. Cases:
    • Students with accepted refereed full papers to good conferences, co-authored with Saul - I will normally always send you.
    • Students with accepted refereed full papers to good conferences, not co-authored with Saul - If the research to be published is based solely on work with (say) another professor, this will be done on a case by case basis (e.g., perhaps with cost-sharing with the other professor).
    • Students with minor papers (workshops, posters, short papers) are at my discretion; you should ask me well before submitting them.
    • Attendance at lower quality conferences and/or workshops is at my discretion. Ultimately, it should be a worthwhile event.
    • Students who do not have a paper in the conference should ask me. I do like to see students - especially new ones - attend at least one excellent conference early in their studentship. Again, this is at my discretion. As part of this, I may ask you to try to write up and submit a poster and/or workshop paper of your ongoing work; this.


I fully fund student travel, hotel and (within reason) food. However, I expect students to help defray costs as follows.


Students can stay longer than the conference dates. They can do so if schedules and other duties permit. However, extra costs must be covered by them.

Expense claims