The Sorry Bill Series

Saul and Bill on the one day Wapta Traverse, April 2003

What started off as a joke (and remains one) is a series of 'video postcards to gloat by' sent by Saul Greenberg to Bill Buxton.

During Bill's visits out to the Canadian Rockies, he has a great time skiing and climbing. When here, he is like a little kid splashing around a mud puddle with glee in his eyes (and mud on his face). He enjoys it so much that he keeps threatening to move here, which we both know he will never do. Its my job to keep reminding him how wonderful the Rockies are, and what he is giving up to be in Toronto or whatever other urban place he's stuck in.

On a slightly (but not much) deeper level, this has made us realize that we have arrived in a new era. People can now take reasonable quality videos and stills on a consumer-level snapshot credit-card sized digital camera, and edit it (complete with sound track) on a free consumer video editor on my standard PC. Required training is minimal. This was unthinkable even a few short years ago.

But, just to remember, this is all about me gloating about where I live and making Bill feel bad.

The videos are in various formats (mostly wmv but some mpg and mov).

Sorry Bill Videos by Saul Greenberg

  1. sorryBill scrambling over scree July 2004
  2. sorryBill skiing at Highwood Pass November 2004
  3. sorryBill skating near Sunshine December 2004, constructed during his seminar
  4. sorryBill Christmas '04 edition skiing in Stanley Glacier area, ~Christmas 2004
  5. sorryBill New Years edition skiing in Hellen Lakes, ~New Years eve, 2004
  6. sorryBill Fall hike also in Hellen Lakes, Sept 2005
  7. sorryBill A work day in the Rockies... well 2 days. Jan 28-29, 2006
  8. sorryBill where Pat Morrow gets into the act by teasing Saul and Bill for leaving the Bugaboos early. July 23, 2006
  9. sorryBill Christmas '06 edition where Adam boards on Emerald Lake Slide Path, December, 2006
  10. sorryBill-you aren't coming; sob because I get to go to the Fairy Meadows in April, and Bill doesn't.
  11. Sorry Bill - The Chores Edition is my rebutal to Bill's working holiday below. June 2008
  12. Sorry Bill, 60th Birthday Edition by Pat and Baiba Morrow. March 2009
  13. Sorry Bill on Pigeon Mountain where Saul turns a hike into... something else. July, 2010


Of course, there are rebuttal videos by Bill. But I think Bill's are pretty lame compared to mine

  1. sorrySaul skiing in Toronto cottage country Fall 2005
  2. photo 1 and photo 2 of Bill kayaking on a lake just as it starts to freeze up. As Bill says "The trick is to get back to shore before the freeze takes hold. Duh!". Geeze. These Torontonians will do anything, no matter how silly.
  3. Bill's Working Holiay, Bill Frolics at the Beach and Scree Runner all shows Bill's vacation to the Rockies without me, where Pat Morrows funnels Bill's energy. Clearly misdirected. June 2008