CPSC 599.86 & 601.86 - Winter 2019

Homework Assignments

Assignment 1 - Force Field Rendering


Due Date: Wednesday, January 30  

Assignment 2 - Implicit Surfaces


Due Date: Wednesday, February 13

Note that this assignment comes with a few extra source files, including a new main application file, that you must drop into the project template. After you copy and open the template project, you will need to replace application.cpp with the one provided, then add ImplicitMesh.cpp/h and MarchingSource.cpp/h to the Visual Studio project.

Assignment 3 - Surface Textures


Due Date: Wednesday, February 27

Assignment 4 - Dynamics Simulation


Due Date: Wednesday, March 13

Course Project


Due Dates:

  • Proposal - Friday, March 15
  • Milestone - Friday, March 29
  • Final Demonstration - Monday, April 15

Project Abstract Templates:

Research Component

(CPSC 601.86 only)

Due Date: Wednesday, April 24

Graduate students in our course must complete a research component for evaluation which can take one of two forms: a survey paper on an advanced topic within the domain of the course (theoretical) or replication by implementation of an advanced technique described in a research paper, but not covered by the course assignments (practical).

If you are writing a survey paper for the reserach component, please use the IEEE conference paper format, templates for which are linked below. The expected length of your paper is approximately 4-6 pages in this format, with about a dozen references.

CHAI3D Library Downloads

The CHAI3D framework can be downloaded directly from the project site at http://www.chai3d.org/download/releases. Listed below are direct links to the packages for each supported platform, along with potentially helpful installation notes.


To compile and run, follow the instructions provided in the README file.


Mac OS X

Download and install the newest Xcode from the App Store to compile the CHAI3D library. No drivers are needed!


Microsoft Windows

You may use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or newer to build the CHAI3D libraries. If you do not already have a copy of Visual Studio on your computer, you can download Visual Studio Community for free, or obtain a free copy of the professional edition from your Computer Science subscription to Microsoft Imagine Premium.


You will also need to download and install the device drivers provided here to run the Novint Falcon. Do not use the drivers provided on the Novint web site!

Windows 64-bit