CPSC 399.04: A Survey of Computer Science for Non-Majors
Fall 2020
This course provides students with an accessible, informative and (at times) entertaining exploration of many different computing topics. It emphasizes familiarity with a broad array of subjects within computer science rather than depth, helps debunk common misconceptions, and motivates and provides background for further formal or independent study in the area. This course does not include significant programming or advanced mathematics.

CPSC 399.04 is only intended for students outside of computer science and other programming intensive disciplines. Students currently enrolled in any computer science, electrical engineering, software engineering or computer engineering program are not permitted to enroll in it.

CPSC 585: Games Programming
Block Week / Winter 2021
This course examines techniques for creating modern video games. Topics include game architecture, graphics, physics simulation, sound, handling user input, optimization and project management. Students will create a game as a term long group project. Perfect attendence is required during the block week portion of this course.