Category Theory Meetings in Calgary, Summer 2006

If you are coming for all the events plan to arrive on the 1st  June in time good time for supper (before 4:00pm) if you are staying for FMCS try not to fly out before the early evening of Friday (after 4:00pm) -- accommodation for Friday night can be arranged.  Please register independently for the CMS meeting. For the other meetings please contact the organizers.

ACCOMMODATION: If you are staying in a flat on Campus you will be staying at CASCADE HALL (see directions on link) the rooms are booked under my name (Cockett) but they will know to which room you are assigned.

CATSEM WORKSHOP DINNER: on 1st June: I have made a reservation at the Maurya Restaurant (East Indian Cuisine) starting at 6:30: there will be a gathering of folk at my office (ICT building  652) at about 5:00pm.  We will then proceed downtown (Sunnyside stop) ... or meet us there reservation under Robin Cockett.

CATSEM WORKSHOP LOCATION: On the University Campus, Science B148, starting 9:00am ...

Useful phone numbers: (1) Robin's office 220-5106 (2) Pieter's office 210-9403 (3) Computer Science Department  220 6015

June 2nd, 2006: Categories and Semigroups Workshop

June 3rd-5th, 2006: Canadian Mathematical Society Summer 2006 Meeting

June 7th-9th, 2006: Foundational Methods in Computer Science 2006