Research interests of Jon Rokne

  • Interval analysis and interval computations.
  • Global optimization.
  • Geometric algorithms as used in computer graphics, computational geometry and solid modeling.

  • Some publications of Jon Rokne

    Four books:
  • H. Ratschek and J. Rokne: Computer Methods for the Range of Functions Ellis Horwood Publ. (1984).
  • H. Ratschek and J. Rokne: PDF file of "New Computer Methods for Global Optimization".
  • H. Ratschek and J. Rokne: GEOMETRIC COMPUTATIONS WITH INTERVAL ARITHMETIC: With Applications in Computer Graphics, GIS and Computational Geometry. Published by: Horwood Publishing (2003).
  • G. Baranoski and J. Rokne: LIGHT INTERACTION WITH PLANTS: A Computer Graphics Perspective. Published by: Horwood Publishing (2004).
  • Some papers:
  • H. Ratschek and J. Rokne: Determination of the Exact Sign of a Sum. Appl. Math. and Comp., 99, pp. 99-127 (1999).
  • J. Bloomenthal and J. Rokne: Homogeneous Coordinates. The Visual Computer, 11, pp. 15-26 (1994).
  • C. Yao and J. Rokne: Applying rounding-up integral linear interpolation to the scan-conversion of filled polygons. Computer Graphics Forum Vol. 16, pp 101-106 (1997).
  • G.V.G. Baranoski and J. Rokne: An algorithmic reflectance and transmittance model for plant tissue. Computer Graphics Forum 16, pp. C-141 - C-150 (1997).
  • G.V.G. Baranoski, J. Rokne, P. Shirley, T. Trondsen and R. Bastos: Simulating the Aurora Borealis. Pacific Graphics 2000 (.ps file available)

  • Link to the an applet for reliable convex hull calculation Applet written by Pavol Federl.
  • Link to the an applet for simplifying lines Applet written by Lynn Tetreault.

  • Experimental reliable code for 2D convex hull construction.

    The code was written by Georg Mackenbrock.
  • Link to code.

    Some AURORA pictures

  • Link aurora pictures.
  • Large aurora picture.

    The long awaited book.