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This term project is a continuation of the interface you started developing in Assignment 1. You will be working on two more design evolutions. First, you will create a horizontal medium-fidelity prototype by creating screen snapshots. Second, you will create a moderately robust system that implements vertical functionality.

The project's main purpose is to give you hands-on experience applying some of the design concepts you have learnt in class, and to give you experience developing a moderately robust interface. As part of this project, you will learn how to program using a graphical user interface toolkit.

As before, you will be working in groups of three.


Deliverables are incremental. First, you will demonstrate your screen snapshots of a horizontal prototype (presented in lab time) and the re-design rationale. Second, you will deliver the final project, which includes the full working system (graded by the course instructor),  and a short design critique of the final system.

For example, one group created a walk up and use Dinosaur information system (see two snapshots of it: screen one and screen two; and another group created a Home Finder system that allows people to search for homes to buy in the city of Calgary.

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