Bits of me you could hang a hat on

Sorry to disappoint you. It's just me. However, there is something you can hang hats on off to my right. If you're on a crappy black-and-white workstation like I am, it's a hat stand. If you're using a tty-based WWW peruser, it's definitely time to upgrade, but here's an approximation just for you:

        hat       | O
        rack -->  |-|-  <-- me

Ever thoughtful, I've provided handy labels so you can easily distinguish between the two.

Darcy Grant showed me how to use the camera on the !@&#^%$ SGI so I could get the picture. He doesn't have a home page yet, but I am confident he will soon succumb to pier pressure. Even as you read this, he is, um, volunteering in the software group's secret Pier/Human Interface Lab.

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Last updated on 15 May 1996 by John Aycock