CPSC 203 Introduction to Computers Lecture


The due date for assignment #4 is extended till Wednesday, March 29, 16:00 pm. Assignments submitted on Thursday wil be subject for late submision penalties.

Course description: Computer system fundamentals, personal computer applications software, and computer communications both on campus and using the internet. Students will use personal computers to complete assignments in word processing, spreadsheet analysis, database management and other applications.

Time/Session: MW 4:00-5:15pm
Location: MFH 160
Course Textbooks:
  • Beekman, G., 1999. Computer Confluence (3rd edition), Benjamin Cummings
  • Toliver, P.R., Johnson, Y. and Koneman, P.A. 1999. Projects for Microsoft Office 97 Professional, Addison-Wesley.
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