Footbridge over John Laurie Bouleward from Ward 7 to Nose Hill

From the 2004 Newsletter of Ald. Druh Farrell
(Newsletter, Nov. 2005)
During this year's budget, Council supported my motion to add funding for a pedestrian overpass over John Laurie Boulevard. With no crosswalk from 14th Street to Shagganappi Trail, the large volume of traffic traveling at high speeds along the boulevard create hazards for pedestrians trying to cross to Nose Hill Park. Three locations are being considered and meetings are being held which include various user groups, who will define the pros and cons of each option. The overpass will be constructed between June 2004 and October 2004. Naturally, timing is subject to weather conditions. The Nose Hill Trail and Pathway Plan will address trail and regional pathway linkages with the pedestrian overpass and provide barrier-free access.

Starting the project

The project started in the Winter of 2005. It was not entirely clear what it would look like. A few pictures were taken to show the progress of the work. Indeed it was a bit like an art wrapping project. The button below links to the pictures of the initial stages of the project.

The second phase of the project

In the second phase of the project the various pieces of the bridge were assembled in two stages.

The third phase of the project

The official opening of the bridge.