CPSC 617:  Category Theory for Computer Science

Lecturer: Robin Cockett

Here. Most of the following topics will be covered:

There are many good texts introducing category theory:
  1. Category for Computer Science, Micheal Barr and Charles Wells (available on line) 1999
  2. Category Theory, Steve Awodey, Oxford University Press 2006 (second edition 2010).
  3. Categories for the working mathematician, Saunders Mac Lane, Springer Verlag 2000.
  4. Introduction to higher-order categorical logic, Joachim Lambek and Phil Scott 1988.
  5. Basic Category Theory for computer scientists, Benjamin Pierce, MIT press, 1991.
  6. Categories for Types, Roy Crole, Cambridge University Press,1993.
  7. Practical Foundations of Mathematics, Paul Taylor, Cambridge University Press, 1999
  8. Basic Category Theory, Tom Leister, Cambridge University Press, 2014
  9. Category Theory in Context,  Emily Reil, Dover Modern Math Originals, 2016
  10.  .......

There will be four exercises sets ...
  1. Here is the first.
  2. Here is the second.
  3. Here is the third.
  4. Here  is the last!


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