This page contains the list of theses by Dr. Samavati's graduate students. Clicking on the title of the thesis will take you to the University of Calgary thesis vault, where the full text can be accessed or requested.

PhD Theses
3D Geological Modeling from Concept Sketches and Annotations
Ronan Amorim, 2017.
Sketched version of real geological map of the region of Moorfield, West Virginia, United States, compared to real map and cross-section.
Multidimensional Projection Visualization: Control-points Selection and Inverse Projection Exploration
Elisa Portes dos Santos Amorim, 2016.
Given a multidimensional dataset, a multidimensional projection maps the data into a projection space. Inverse projection operates in the other direction.
ACM: Atlas of Connectivity Maps
Ali Mahdavi-Amiri, 2015.
A shark with hexagonal faces at two successive resolutions (top) and its corresponding connectivity maps (bottom).
Computational Modeling of Leaf Development and Form
Adam Runions, 2014.
Simulated red mulberry leaves (Morus Rubra).
Smooth Reverse Subdivision
Javad Sadeghi, 2013.
Multiresolution mesh editing: (a) A mesh with 4960 faces. (b) Second decomposition level of the mesh using smooth reverse Catmull–Clark subdivision. (c) Editing operations applied to the coarse mesh. (d) The reconstructed model preserves the overall structure of the edited vertices.
Image-assisted modeling from unconstrained sketches
Luke Olsen, 2011.
The flexible projection framework
John Brosz, 2011.
MSc Theses
Single image summary of time-varying Earth-features
Gaurav Tripathi, 2018.
Lake  Urmia  89  layers  single image summary  from  2013-2017
Landscaper: A Modeling System for 3D Printing Scale Models of Landscapes
Kamyar Allahverdi, 2018.
Left: A satellite image from Google Maps. Right: Our 3D printed model of the same area.
Real-Time Panorama Maps
Alex Brown, 2018.
Google vs. Ours
Visualizations on a Web-Based View-Aware Digital Earth
Mark Sherlock, 2017.
Multilevel focus+context visualization on the globe with diverse levels of magnification.
Parameter Aligned Surface Trimming
Shannon Halbert, 2017.
An example of a parameter-aligned trimmed surface.
Subdivision and Multiresolution for Partition of Unity Parametrics
Amirhessam Moltaji, 2016.
Application of PUPs multiresolution in terrain simplification.
Interactive 3D Content Modeling for Digital Earth
Kaveh Ketabchi, 2015.
Interactive visualization of energy systems
Haleh Alemasoom, 2015.
Distribution of natural gas across Canada.
CINAPACT-Splines: A Family of Infinite Smooth, Accurate and Compactly Supported Splines
Bita Akram, 2015.
Modelling the Plants and Ecosystem of the Rhynie Chert
Mark Koleszar, 2015.
Sketch-Based Dance Choreography
Elahe R. Moghaddam, 2014.
Regularity-Preserving Terrain Simplification For Faster Line-of-Sight
Troy Alderson, 2014.
Focus+Context via Snaking Paths
Jeffrey Packer, 2013.
Interactive Design of Muqarnas
Nader Hamekasi, 2012.
Using virtual reality to improve design communication
Chao Liu, 2012.
Equal Area Spherical Subdivision
Erika Harrison, 2011.
Constraint-based surface deformation
Richard Pusch, 2009.
3D mesh watermarking
Mahsa (Eshraghi) Olsen, 2008.
Geometric modeling with l-systems
Mitra Shirmohammadi, 2008.
Interactive volume manipulation
Hung-Li Jason Chen, 2007.
Synthesizing techniques based on multiresolution
Lakin Wecker, 2007.
Sketch-based assembly of subdivision surfaces
Aaron Severn, 2006.
Constraining Wavelets for Multiresolution
Luke Olsen, 2006.
Real-time super resolution contextual close-up of clinical volumetric data
Torin Taerum, 2006.
Sketch-based modeling of parametric surfaces using few strokes
Joseph Cherlin, 2006.
Terrain modeling by example
John Brosz, 2005.
Incremental subdivision
Hamid-Reza Pakdel Sefidgar, 2005.
Curve synthesis by example
Meru Brunn, 2006.