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CPSC 535 - Fall 2014:

Computer Vision

InstructorDr. J. E. Boyd
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Calgary
 2500 University Drive NW
 Calgary Alberta Canada T2N 1N4
 Email: boyd at cpsc ucalgary ca
 Office: ICT 711
 Office hours: T 1100-1200, R 1230-1330h
 Lectures: TR 0930-1045 in ST 059

Selected Course Material

Course Information Sheet/Outline


Instead of a textbook, we will use a variety of source available freely on-line, and the occasional handout.


Midterm exam30%
Final exam30%


WeekTopicSuggested Reading
1IntroductionSzeliski 1
2-3Fourier AnalysisSzeliski 3.4, Moik 2.6
3Sampling/ResamplingSzeliski 3.5, Moik 3.3.2
4Binary Image ProcessingSzeliski 3.3
5Image ProcessingSzeliski 3
6Edges/CornersSzeilski 4
6SIFTSzeliski 4.1
7Pixel MatchingSzeliski 3, Szeliski 4
8Optical FlowSzeliski 8
9Image RegistrationSzeliski 8
10Camera CalibrationSzeliski 6
11-13Assorted topics that may include tomography, boosting, stereo vision, and image compressionTBD
13Final Exam Review 

Important Dates

10-Sep-2014First class
0900h 22-Sep-2014Assignment 1 due
0900h 14-Oct-2014Assignment 2 due
23-Oct-2014Midterm exam in class
0900h 03-Nov-2014Assignment 3 due
2359h 19-Nov-2014Assignment 4 due** revised
2359h 05-Dec-2014Assignment 5 due** revised
1200h 13-Dec-2014Final exam (EEEL 345)
1300-1500h 12-Dec-2014Pre-exam office hours (ICT 711)


Hand in assignments to the TA.



Exam Practice Questions

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