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CPSC 601.58 - Winter 2015:

Motion, Optical Flow, and Video

consult D2L for most current information

InstructorDr. J. E. Boyd
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Calgary
 2500 University Drive NW
 Calgary Alberta Canada T2N 1N4
 Email: boyd at cpsc ucalgary ca
 Office: ICT 711
 Office hours: TR 0930-1030h
 Lectures: TR 1400-1515h in ST 027A

Selected Course Material


In this course, students will read a selection of papers covering topics related to motion in computer and human vision. The reading will be supplemented by student-led discussions of the papers, and lectures covering fundamental techniques such as optical flow, segmentation in video, tracking, and sonification.


There are no formal prerequisites, but it is recommend that students have taken CPSC 535 or 635, or equivalent.


Students will be evaluated on in-class participation in the student-led discussion of papers, and on a project proposal, report, and oral presentation:

In-class participation15%
Oral Presentation30%
Project Proposal15%
Project Report40%

Tentative Outline - see D2L page for current info

113-Jan-15Course Organization/Introduction 
 15-Jan-15Tracking 1 - Mean ShiftComaniciu et al. 2000
220-Jan-15Tracking 2 - KalmanWelch and Bishop 2006, Podesta 1994
 22-Jan-15Sonification 1 - Audio basicsBegault 2000 Chapter 1
327-Jan-15Tracking 3 - Particle FilterIsard and Blake 1998
 29-Jan-15Tracking 4 - EKF and UKFWelch and Bishop 2006, Wan and van der Merwe 2000
403-Feb-15Sonfication 2 - Spatial HearingBegault 2000 Chapter 2
 05-Feb-15Tracking 5 - Multi-targetReid 1979, Cox and Hingorani 1996
510-Feb-15Features 1 - SIFT, SURFLowe 2004, Bay et al. 2006
 12-Feb-15Sonification 3 - Ambisonics
617-Feb-15Reading Break 
 19-Feb-15Reading Break 
724-Feb-15Features 2 - BRIEF, ORB, BRISKCalonder et al. 2010, Rublee et al. 2011, Leuenegger 2011, Muja and Lowe 2012
 26-Feb-15Sonification 4 - Beam Formingvan Veen and Buckley 1988, Gauthier and Pasquier 2010
803-Mar-15Adaboost 1Freund and Schapire 1997
 05-Mar-15Adaboost 2Viola and Jones 2001, Andoni and Indyk 2008
910-Mar-15Sonification 5 - Visisonics 
 12-Mar-15Pose Estimation 1Bregler and Malik 1998, Cipolla et al. 2003
1017-Mar-15Pose Estimation 2 
 19-Mar-15Sonification 6Godbout and Boyd 2010, Godbout, Thornton and Boyd 2014
1307-Apr-15Pose Estimation 3 - KinectShotton et al. 2011
 09-Apr-15Oral Presentations 

Important Dates

9-Feb-2015 0900hProject proposal due
9-Apr-2015In-class oral presentations
17-Apr-2015 1600hProject report due

Some of the reading from previous terms - see D2L for current readings

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